Granny flats builders guide

Granny flats builders guide is useful for a DIY project and Builder Owners. Building YZY Kit Homes is a fairly easy process, but there are a few specific points that builders must keep in mind to prevent possible future problems. Following steps are specific to YZY Kit Homes buildings and we strongly recommend that you watch attentively our videos and read instructions before starting installation. Videos and instructions are limited and specific to provide guidance on how to assemble YZY granny flats.

The guide does not include a sub-floor, roof installation and connecting to services. These building components will vary from site to site and have to be executed by licensed tradesman. So, the building process of Scandinavian cabins requires a set of skills and knowledge in construction, Australian building Standards and local regulations. A team of carpenters or any other trades in construction has to be supervised by an experienced licensed builder.

Should you have any questions before or during installation, please contact the dealer you have purchased the kit from. And please note that you can always request a helpmate to guide you through the assembly process for a few hours or for a day. Ask your local dealer for more information.

Builders teams Australia YZY Kit Homes

Click for videos and step-by-step instructions.

Step 1 – Unwrapping the pallets and identifying parts. Familiarize yourself with the packs and make sure all components are on site

Step 2 – Locate the Box with Hardware and Instruction Manual. Instruction Manual is your best friend!

Step 3 – Getting all parts organized for effective and safe Installation

Step 4 – Sealing the bottom boards to stop any moisture penetration from the top of flashing

Step 5 – Tie down of bottom boards. Experts demonstrate how to fix the first layer of all walls to the sub-floor. Very important step!

Step 6 – Pre-drilling holes for electricity and hold-down rods

Step 7 – Marking holes for electricity wires for electrician to easily locate the channels and wire the building

Step 8 – Assembling the first few wall-boards

Step 9 – Installing doors and windows

Step 10 – Building progress and finishing walls

Step 11 – Installing and fixing the gables

Step 12 – Squaring and plumbing the walls before putting your rafters and ceiling boards

Step 13 – Installing rafters

Step 14 – Installing rafters above veranda

Step 15 – Tying down the structure


More instructions coming soon!