Sicilia Panorama 20

Backyard cabin Sicilia Panorama 20 | Grey White
Sicilia Panorama 20 floor plan

Elegant and functional, our most popular cabin Sicilia Panorama 20 (5.4 m x 3.8 m) has a separate room inside to be used as a bathroom or for storage. It can be your ultimate teenage Retreat, a home office or a perfect place for guests. The cabin is featuring Panoramic French doors, German hardware and double glazing in doors and windows. With the floor area less than 20m², this cabin can be built without council permission in NSW. Constructed on a prepared level base, Sicilia timber studio can be assembled in 1-2 days.

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SICILIA Panorama Features

The cabin has a floor of less than 20m² and may be built without council permission in NSW

Panoramic windows make building open, airy and full of natural light

Wide French doors

High ceilings up to 2730mm

Energy-efficient German DG 4/16/4mm doors and windows in timber frames

Floor plan can be flipped

Customizable placement of windows marked red on the floor plan

A sleek and modern design

Can be assembled in just 1-2 days on a prepared level base

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Every YZY Kit Homes backyard cabin becomes unique with the flexible options and colours of your choice and yet cost-effective as the structure of the building is pre-cut at the factory in EU.

  • Structure with external and internal walls, kiln-dried 45mm Nordic Spruce
  • Roof structure 6 LGL load-bearing rafters, thickness 60mm, h = 140mm
  • 20mm T&G ceiling boards (made in sheets approx 900mm)
  • Ceiling trimmings
  • Fascia boards
  • 20 pre-drilled channels, 8 for electricity and 12 for the structural tie-down system, 18mm Ø
  • External timber Double Glazed doors and windows:
    • 1 External French doors, w1700 x h2100mm, safety DG glass
    • 2 fixed windows, w800 x h2100mm, safety DG glass
    • 1 tilt&turn window, w1000 x h1070mm
    • 1 tilt&turn window, w560 x h620mm
    • 1 horizontal tilt window, w1800 x h560mm, customizable placement
    • the door and windows are already installed into the timber frames with architraves
  • 1 sliding timber door, w820 x h2000 (sliding hardware not included)
  • All hardware
  • Drawings for assembly with all boards marked
  • Set of drawings including generic engineering and structural certificate
  • Walkthrough 360-degree interactive 3D model, online viewer


Flexible components are sourced locally, so your local builder could customize the parts to suit your taste and budget.


To build a cabin to the lockup stage, the following is required:

  • Timber or steel sub-floor with yellow tongue flooring or a slab base
  • Tie-down steel rods
  • Colorbond roofing (colour of your choice) with insulation
  • Gutters and downpipes


To build a cabin to the turnkey stage, the following is required.

  • Veranda/decking (can be the custom size)
  • Timber Handrail and external steps (optional)
  • Internal lining and/or external cladding (optional)
  • The flooring coverings of your choice
  • Bathroom fit-out
  • Kitchen fit-out
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Painting


  • Floor plan can be mirror reversed during installation
  • Windows marked red on the floor plan can be placed in your
    preferred location during installation

If you need any changes to our standard range of cabins or wish to make your own design come to life, bring it on!

Sicilia Panorama 20 Ulladulla
Sicilia Panorama 30 at Tiny Home Expo Melbourne living area
Sicilia Panorama 20 Armidale
Sicilia Panorama 30 at Tiny Home Expo Melbourne panorama windows

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