YZY backyard cabins features

Treated timber cabins

All our backyard cabins up to 20m² come factory treated to significantly increase its lifetime and assure your backyard beauty is safe.

Short installation time

All YZY backyard cabins are constructed with an easy to assemble interlocking system. The interlocking tongue-and-groove system allows builders to assemble backyard cabin Crete and Majorca in less than a day, backyard cabin Sicilia in two-day time. It is YZY [‘easy’] and quite frankly fun to DIY as a detailed step-by-step instructions with 3D illustrations come with a kit. However, if DIY is not your strong point, YZY is more than happy to assist you.

No need for wall lining

YZY backyard cabins no wall lining

YZY backyard studios don’t need an internal wall lining as the solid wood structures are different to widely used timber frame which are not complete without Gyprock or other lining. This is a great advantage of YZY cabins saving time and money.

No need for council approval

Dimensions of YZY cabins of up to 20m were designed to meet the standards of Exempt Development Code of NSW state-wide policy which in simple English means a garden shed may be installed without the Council approval. All backyard cabins have a floor area of up to 20 m² and are up to 3 m height. However, other development standards such as placement at least 0.9 m from each lot boundary and a number of no more than 2 developments per lot and other requirements must be met as well. YZY team did everything we could form our end, but never the less, please note that we cannot give you a legal advice and strongly recommend you to consult your local council or other professional legal services provider and/or read State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008 for further information on development standards to be sure the development meets the requirements of Exempt Development.

Convenient inclusions

YZY backyard cabin inclusions

Timber windows, double doors, roof boards included in a kit. Not to mention door, window handles and other accessories and bolts, screws and nails. This means you don’t have to worry about all of the above. Windows and doors of backyard cabin Sicilia and Corsica, our biggest 20 m² studios, come with double glazing for sound isolation and insulation. Smaller cabins have a safety/tempered glass in all windows and doors. For a detailed list of inclusions please refer to an inclusions list of a backyard cabin you like.

Made of natural sustainable wood

YZY backyard cabins are made of Nordic Pine Spruce which was harvested from FSC certified forests. Timber at all times has been considered an ideal building material for its properties. YZY wooden buildings are environmentally friendly, energy saving, natural, durable, they do not emit any harmful gases or toxic compounds, do not accumulate dust, and do not dry the air. Timber has the unique ability to “breathe”: air passes through the wood grain, gets cleared, moisturized and thus a comfortable micro-climate always maintains inside the building. Scientists proved that people living in wooden houses get sick less; they do not suffer from allergies, depression and insomnia.