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We have backyard cabins CreteSicilia and Granny Flat Cyprus on display.

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With a strong background in building outdoor structures such as backyard cabins and studios, holiday accommodation and granny flats, Murray Fleming, reputable licensed builder will consult you on the best building solution to suit your site and desired end use.

Building in Canberra is regulated by the ACT Government. For some houses and projects you don’t need to lodge an application for development approval if certain requirements are met. You can find the list of exempt developments on ACT Government planning website. Alternatively, you can call Murray Fleming on 6299 6735 who is conversant with local building regulations and is happy to offer you an obligation free site inspection which is necessary to make sure the cabin you have in mind is compliant with your site.

Murray offers site inspections, council approvals and building services for Australian Capital Territory and areas of New South Wales within a 300-km radius of Queanbeyan. Ask Murray for a possibility to inspect his installed cabin closest to your address let it be in Bungendore, Murrumbateman, Wee Jasper, Yass, Collector Batemans Bay or anywhere else.