Backyard cabins

YZY Kit Homes offers wide range of backyard cabins for your choice. You can choose a cabin from 10 m² up to 30 m², or if you need more space check our granny flats. YZY backyard cabins are perfect choice if you are looking an extra space to accommodate guests, rent out as B&B, for Art /Painting Studio, a She shed, holiday property accommodation, Mans cave, Music studio, Home Office, Teenage or Parents retreat, you name it.

 10-19 backyard cabins

These prefabricated cabins can be very quickly assembled and the best thing – you are not required council permission to build it in NSW

Backyard cabin Crete Panorama 10 | Grey White


Open and airy, classic style Crete Panorama with panoramic windows and doors is perfect for those looking for a quality Home office, pool house or recreational space. With the floor area less than 10 m², this cabin can be built without council permission in NSW, ACT, QLD, VIC, SA and TAS. Featuring double glazing, French doors, this model is the easiest to install just 1 day.… Read more…

Backyard cabin Milos 14 m² dark natural


A sleek, modern cabin Milos is a perfect space for relaxation and hobbies or a room for kids to play, learn and grow. Enjoy Scandinavian standard of living with top-performing Double Glazed doors and windows in timber frames providing more excellent sound insulation and energy efficiency. Milos cabin can be assembled in just 1 day on a prepared level base.… Read more…

Backyard cabin Corsica Panorama 18 | Grey White


Corsica Panorama 18 is a classic style spacious one-room backyard cabin mostly used for a Home Office, Guest room, Teenage Retreat, as a She shed or an Art/painting studio. It is also perfectly suited for a pool house or a recreational space. This beautiful cabin has a floor area of less than 20 m² and can be built without council permission in NSW. The cabin features double glazing on French doors and windows, can be assembled in 1 day… Read more…

Backyard Cabin Skyros front view


Modern and light-filled Skyros 19 is your best lifestyle space solution. Featuring full-length windows to let the natural light in, it will become a statement of your backyard. Energy efficiency and silence will please you in the years to come. Floor area is less than 20m² and this allow to build this cabin as an exempt development in NSW. Perfect for a relaxing retreat, a pool house, teenage Retreat, Skyros 19 can be assembled in 1 day… Read more…

 20-30m² backyard cabins

Backyard Cabin Sicilia Panorama 30 | Natural stain


Sicilia Panorama 30 is a lifestyle changing addition to any home. This 1 bedroom cabin is a practical and beautiful space ideal for stay-at-home children Family Home, Parents Retreat or a Teenage Studio. Packed with superb features such as Panoramic windows, double glazing, French doors, this studio is open, airy and full of natural light. Sicilia timber studio can be assembled in 2 days.… Read more…

Backyard cabin Corsica 30 | Grey White


Our classic style Corsica cabin is now available in a 30m² 1 bedroom size. This cabin is packed with superb features such as double glazing on all doors and windows, superb grade 45 mm solid timber walls. Constructed on a prepared level base, Corsica timber studio can be assembled in 1-2 days. Read more…

Backyard cabin Sicilia Panorama 20 | Black white


Elegant and functional, our most popular backyard cabin Sicilia Panorama 20 has a separate room inside to be used as a bathroom or for storage. It can be your ultimate teenage Retreat, a home office or a perfect place for guests. With the floor area less than 20 m², this cabin can be built without council permission in NSW. Sicilia timber studio can be assembled in 1-2 days... Read more…

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FAQ – Backyard Cabins 

What is the lead time for backyard cabins?

Most of our standard cabins are available and ready for immediate delivery. If the cabin of your choice is not in stock now, you can secure the next unit available in upcoming shipments. We also have a few units in stock waiting for council approvals, so it is also possible that we could swap these units for you if you can build sooner. Check with your nearest builder regarding the availability of your preferred design and current lead time.

Can I build my cabin without the council permission?

It depends on the intended use of your cabin. If you are building a small backyard cabin to be used for non-habitable purpose, e.g. as a pool cabana or a shed you may not require planning permission. But if you intend to use your cabin for normal domestic activities, e.g. living room, sewing room or study, you will need to submit documentation to council either directly or though a private certifier. Your local builder can advise what requirements apply to your location and project.