Step 10: Building progress and finishing walls

Assembling YZY Kit homes is an enjoyable process. As the building rises quickly the satisfaction with the job you achieved in a short time comes along.

Now that the windows and doors are in, push wall-boards around into the frames carefully. Bang all wall-boards down until the tongue and groves meet completely. At this stage of building process it is important to remind yourself a few important points.

  • Longer wall-boards that have a cut in the middle must be carried by 2 or more men not to brake it through the cut.
  • Any timber splinters, chips or other fragments in the grooves must be removed with a brush or a blower. This is important as every millimetre will affect the structure.
  • Always keep wall-boards horizontally and tap them out at even rate. If you keep one side up higher than another, they might bite in, be a bit tougher banged down.
  • Every 4 wall boards up, check whether all steel rods are going through to the bottom.

Assemble the building walls up to the gables. The next step is to install the gables. All granny flat building steps can be found on Builders Guide page.