About YZY

YZY Kit Homes is a combination of two worlds – European made Scandinavian structures in good hands of reputable Aussie builders. Our assigned builders have an extensive experience building backyard studios, garden rooms, backyard cabins and granny flats from different manufacturers or designing them from scratch for decades. So, they can provide you with the competent advice and the comparison of different options conversant with local building regulations. This arrangement makes our clients very happy and by word of mouth more and more people are choosing YZY backyard cabins as for their quality features and good value for money.

YZY studio cabin builders

YZY team exceptionally consists of quality and reputable builders who are authorized distributors of YZY backyard studios and cabins and offer supply and building services in 5 states: NSW, ACT, VIC, QLD and TAS. We all share the same values of providing quality products and building services.  A harmonious working team is reaching the same common goal – to make it easy for you when you need an extra room in your backyard.

European studios developed for Aussies

All YZY backyard studios have been designed to suit  Australian regulations: our backyard cabins (up to 20m²) may be built as an exempt development in NSW which in simple English means if the use of the cabin is non-habitable, it may be installed without Council approval (download 1 page extract from NSW planning policy).

Also, backyard cabin Sicilia 20m² and backyard cabin Corsica 20m² can be approved as habitable backyard studio as their internal ceiling height satisfies the requirement to be average of 2,4m; for an exempt development in NSW floor area is not more than 20m² and the height of the buildings is up to 3m.

In addition, more windows were added as Aussies live in a piece of paradise and are blessed to have 90% of sunny days a year and like enjoying it. Also, downunders are used to open their windows outwards in contrast to Northern Europeans who open their windows inwards, so engineers redesigned windows to be convenient.

Feel free to contact your local builder to know about your particular site requirements.

YZY backyard studios’ way to Australia

Originated in Northern Europe long time ago, so- called Scandinavian structures, YZY backyard studios come from Europe, where Nordic Pine Spruce is grown in FSC certified forests. When trees are ready, they are cut, delivered to the manufacturer, treated in a wood drying kiln and then milled according to an engineering drawing. All parts are then packed on a pallet and shipped to Australia.

Materials: Healthy, Recyclable, Sustainable

Nordic Pine Spruce, material YZY products are made of, is hardy wood harvested from FSC certified forests. Not only does this means that YZY backyard studios and granny flats don’t hurt our Planet Earth but also are healthy for people to be in. You will be delighted to feel the smell of wood inside a cabin, breath in with ease.

The Manufacturer of backyard cabins and granny flats

YZY have carefully selected the manufacturer of wooden backyard cabins and granny flats which shares the same values for quality, service and design. An extensive over 20-year experience in producing and delivering kit homes for people living in a number of far away countries from EU such as USA, Japan, Canary Islands assures a piece of mind for YZY team. All processes from redesigning homes in accordance to the market specifics of Australia to a safe and sound delivery through long distances are well-known and mastered during the years.

YZY Remi

” First of all, we are people, just the same as you or others with whom you communicate every day and then we are a business organization strongly determined to make it easy and enjoyable for you to get a room in your backyard. Everything we do is what we would like to get yourselves when looking for buying a backyard studio as an extra space. Therefore, we can promise that we will not lack neither the desire nor the energy nor the time to be simple, understandable, human and honest.” – says Remi Buika, the Co-founder of YZY kithomes.

Proudly a Program Partner of Wood. Naturally Better.

YZY Backyard cabins - Wood Naturally Better

At YZY kithomes we are proudly supporting the use of responsibly sourced forest and wood products.

Timber is a part of our environment and a renewable resource that does not hurt our Planet Earth. Make it wood – do your World some good!


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