Step 16: Installing T&G ceiling boards

You have tied down the structure to the foundation with the steel rods system. The next step is to install tongue and groove ceiling boards on your cabin or a granny flat. This is also the last step of assembling the parts supplied by YZY Kit Homes.

Installing panels of ceiling boards

Ceiling boards are mass formed together in about 900 mm wide panels. This task requires at least 2 men, one looking after the top end of the panel and another looking after the bottom.

Set a line on the ridge and keep the top end of the board to the center of the ridge. The guy up the top will dictate the terms. Grab your self an off-cut of the ceiling board and tap into the end while your mate stops the board falling off. Direct the panel to go into the grove of your previous board and screw the panel to the roof rafters.

Expert’s Tip

One end will have to go first, you won’t get two ends into the grove at the same time. Work in one corner and then work on the way down as you go. Grab a screw which is supplied, put into the top left corner of the board. It will keep the panel on that one screw, so your mate can tap the bottom of board over now. Slide the tongue of your block inside the groove to protect the ceiling boards and tap the panel in. Screw each side of the board to fix it in place. Set a line of each purlin and screw the ceiling boards to every purlin as well.

Important. When one person is working up the top, the second person is holding the ceiling panel using the foot. Step on to the panel to stop it from sliding down. It is very important.

Pre-cutting the last panel of ceiling boards

When you are running your last sheet of ceiling panels, it will most likely have to be pre-cut. Measure measure top and measure bottom. Sometimes it could be fractionally out of parallel about 3 mm or so. So, put marks for the top and bottom, run chalk line through. Then grab a nice sharp saw and pre-cut the last panel before lifting it up on to the roof.

Now that the ceiling boards are installed, lets move on to the next step. The next step is to fix roof battens. All other building steps can be found on Builders Guide page.