Step 8: Starting the first few wall-boards

Now, as the foundation is ready and the first layer of wall-boards is tied down to the base, we will start assembling. Please watch and read this step attentively. It includes important general rules for erecting the walls of YZY Kit Homes.

Interlocking system requires to put all wall-boards around the perimeter layer after layer. There is no way of doing one wall first and then the others. For example, if you have to put the front wall-board, you’ll have to put all other parallel wall-boards. These will be your internal and the back wall-board. Then all divergent walls will follow so they interlock with crossing walls and in corners. Tap the boards down with the rubber mallet using the blocks to go between the mallet and the wall-board. Blocks are supplied in a kit.

Expert’s tip

“When you are putting your boards in, have your mate up to the other end of the board and tap them out at even rate. If you keep one side up higher than another, they might bite in, be a bit tougher banged down.”

Check steel rods every 3-4 wall-boards up

Important. After first three or four boards on, go around with a piece of steel rod, make sure all your holes are cleaned out. Just give a bit a jiggle, up and down, make sure the rod can go through to the bottom of the joists. Repeat checking holes of steel rods every 3-4 wall-boards go on. This will make sure you have all your boards orientated right.

After the first four layers of wall-boards, the next step is to slide door frames into the groves of walls. If you miss this step, you might have to dismantle the building back down to be able to install the door frame in. All building steps can be found on Builders Guide page.