Step 6: Holes for electricity and hold-down rods

In this step, experts will show you how to pre-drill the holes in the subfloor for electricity and hold-down rods. YZY Kit Homes have pre-driller channels in the walls for electrical wiring and the hold-down rods. Electrical wiring is usually brought from under the subfloor, and steel rods are tying all walls from the very top layer going all the way down through to the subfloor. This is a not-to-miss step in building YZY Kit Homes.

You will need an extended metal drill bit ranging from 12 mm to 15 mm for the steel rods. For example, if you are using the 12 mm steel rods, use a 15mm drill bit. Also, you will need a wider, about 18 mm bit for electrical cables.  Watch the video of drilling out for electrical points and hold down rods. You will see builders using an extended drill bit. Finally, this is about the last stage before the start of assembling.

Expert’s tip

Make sure you have a nice long sharp drill bit to go through the first layer of wall-boards and all the way through the floor joists.

Now the bottom boards are tied down, and the holes for electricity and rods are pre-drilled. So, we are ready to move on to the last step before the most exciting part of building YZY Kit Homes. The next step is marking holes for the electricity wires. All other building steps can be found on the Builders Guide page.