How to Build a YZY Kit Home

Inside custom cabin 16x9

If you’re looking to build an eco-friendly backyard cabin or granny flat anywhere across the east coast of Australia, from Queensland to Tasmania, or in the South Island of New Zealand, YZY Kit Homes could be the perfect fit. Whether you are handy with the tools and wish to build it yourself, or would rather your local YZY accredited builder take care of the entire process for you, our kit homes are a simple and stress-free way to build.

When you build a YZY Kit Home, we offer you flexibility in not only how your granny flat or cabin is built but also in the level of completion it is built to. Essentially, there are four options to choose from:

  • A supply only kit for DIY
  • Built for you to lockup stage
  • Built for you to lockup and connected to services
  • Built for you to turnkey

With the flexibility to choose the level of service and completion that best suits your skills, needs and budget, you’ll get maximum value and enjoyment from your new backyard space. Click through the links below to find out exactly what each option includes.

Do It Yourself

Ibiza- living area

If you have building skills, the right tools (they are expensive to buy for just one build), connections to qualified tradespeople and a good understanding of local council requirements, you may wish to order your kit through our accredited builders and build your backyard cabin or granny flat yourself. But just because you opt to DIY it doesn’t mean you’re on your own – our builders offer training and support throughout.

Owner-builder: case study building Ibiza

Work With Our Builders

Brett Cowan owner of home office, Brisbane, QLD

For those looking for a fast and efficient way to get their backyard oasis built to the highest standard, working with your local YZY accredited builder is the way to go. Some builders offer a turnkey solution where your building is fully complete, or you can build to lockup stage, with or without service connection. As a guide, around 95% of our cabins and granny flats are built to lockup, with around 70% of those also connected to services. Our builders are flexible with what they do too, so if for example you have your own electrician or plumber, or wish to paint and organise the internal fittings yourself, they can exclude this aspect from the quote.

Interview with the client: Home office installed within a week

Custom Designs

Custom design modelling

Of course, if you can’t find the perfect fit for your dream backyard space in our pre-designed range, you may wish to custom design one from scratch. It is extremely rewarding seeing your vision come to life and this option also allows you to create a design that is the perfect fit for your needs and block. Because custom designs need to be cut and manufactured from scratch, they do attract longer lead times and stricter payment and cancellation terms. For this reason, we recommend you check with your local council before commencing with your order to be sure your chosen building size will comply with regulations.

Custom designed granny flat: case study, process and client’s feedback

If you have a question about building a YZY Kit Home in your backyard, get in touch with the YZY accredited builder in your local area to find out all you need to know.