DIY backyard cabin in 4 steps

These DIY instructions are for you if you are interested in building a backyard cabin by yourself. Please contact your nearest YZY cabins supplier if you have any questions regarding DIY instructions.

If you are considering to DIY a Granny Flat, talk to your nearest builder to assess your skills. Larger buildings require more skills and expertise and it is sometimes better to have an experienced builder’s help and advice.

Step 1. Select your backyard cabin

You are welcome to visit one of our displays or request a site inspection contacting your nearest dealer. Find your nearest dealer here.

When choosing a backyard studio, you may consider size, price, features and design.


The first thing to think of would probably be a size. Some questions to think about: what place do you want your cabin to be placed in? What size of building you can fit into that place? Think of trees and other vegetation. Please be aware that there is a list of requirements regarding placement in the Exempt and Complying Development Codes of the State Environmental Planning Policy, NSW, e.g. a development:

  1. must be placed at least 0.9 m away from each lot boundary;
  2. be located behind the building line of any road frontage,
  3. constructed or installed so that roof water is disposed of without causing a nuisance to adjoin owners

These standards are the most common standards but there are more specific requirements if, for example, your lot is in a heritage conservation area, a bush fire prone land and etc. So please read Subdivision 9 of State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008 or consult your local council or private certified for further information.

Considerations regarding the size may narrow the choice down.


If you can fit the biggest 30 m² backyard cabin without a problem, then you may think of your budget. Think about the whole budget, not the price of a backyard cabin kit only. Remember that you will have to prepare a base before your studio arrives.

  • Will you DIY or you need a professional builder to help you?
  • What kind of base would you need and prefer?
  • Concrete slab, paved base, timber stumps, decking, sleepers or breeze blocks?

Prices of Pros to build a base for you vary depending on the type of soil, whether the slope or flat your lot is, a size of a building and your preference of a base type and may cost you from AUD 2,000 for a small cabin like Crete Panorama 10 up to AUD 6,000 for a 1 bedroom cabin like Sicilia Panorama 30. However, if you DIY you would pay for the materials only in your local DIY store.

Also, will you assemble a backyard studio by yourself, or need professional help? If you engage builders, this may cost you about AUD 4,500 to AUD 9,500 depending on the size of a backyard studio and any extra work required. The price includes all construction of the building including the subfloor foundation.

If you are busy with your work and family, opting for professional installation services could be a better option than doing it yourself. In many cases, buying or renting all tools required for installation is a significant cost. And when people offset this against the cost of installation services, they choose to leave the job to professionals and have the time otherwise dedicated to DIY doing the things they like.

If size and price is not an issue, you may have to think of features and design you like.


All backyard cabins feature 45mm solid timber walls and double glazed doors and windows.

Common or separated area – Crete Panorama, 10 m², Milos, 14 m² and Corsica Panorama, 18 m² have one room whereas Sicilia Panorama, 20 m² has 1 separate room for a bathroom or storage. If you need a secondary dwelling or a granny flat, holiday accommodation or teenage retreat – check our 1 and 2 bedroom granny flats in up to 60 m² sizes of living space.


Finally, the design is your personal preference and you only may have to discuss it with your family and pick your favourite one.

Have a look at our backyard cabins or granny flats range pages, go through our backyard cabins interior ideas, we hope this will find you well. Also, you can inspect YZY Kit Homes studios by visiting your nearest display village. It is the best way to start your selection as you can consult with the builder at the time of your visit.

Step 2. Order

Start with a free obligation quote

Request a quote online or contact your nearest dealer to book an appointment for a consultation at the display or request a site inspection.

Please take time to think if you also need a professional builder’s help in Base preparation, Pro-Installation, Painting/Staining.

When you’re ready to order, you will have to place your order with one of our Authorized Dealer. Find your nearest dealer.

Payment options

Please ask your nearest dealer/builder as payment options vary.

Get ready for the arrival of a studio

If your studio kit will be delivered, please note that 8-meter 6 tonne truck with Hiab crane will arrive and make sure you create an appropriate space in your backyard or close to the kerbside on arrival. Place the pallets at reasonably close proximity so it is convenient to unload and unpack the pallets.

Crete Panorama 10 comes flat packed on 2 pallets

  • Pallet 1: W 1.10m x L 4.80m x H 0.75m;
  • Pallet 2 (windows): W 1.10m x L 4.55m x H 0.47m;
  • Approx. weight 1200kg

Corsica Panorama 18 – comes flat packed on 2 pallets

  • Pallet 1: W 1.10m x L 5.80m x H 0.80m;
  • Pallet 2 (windows): 1.10m x L 4.40m x H 0.45m;
  • Approx. weight 1700kg

Sicilia Panorama 20 comes on 2 pallets

  • Pallet 1: W 1.10m x L 4.65m x H 0.58m;
  • Pallet 2 (windows): W 1.10m x L 6.05m x H 0.87m;
  • Approx. weight 2100kg

Step 3. Prepare a base

You would have to consider 3 main things:

  • placement and orientation of a studio
  • whether you want to DIY or hire builders
  • what kind of base is optimum in your case.

Please take a chance to consult with an experienced builder in regards to all the above.

Placement of a studio

Consider water and sewer pipelines which may be an obstacle for a base preparation. Please also be aware that there is a list of requirements regarding placement in the Exempt and Complying Development Codes of the State Environmental Planning Policy, NSW. You may also need to think of trees, overhanging branches, other vegetation, and natural sunlight and/or nice view the building will receive.

Base done by Pro builder or DIY

For a professionally constructed base, we would recommend seeking reputable builders in your local area. Just discuss all base options available also considering placement of a cabin, decide on optimum and watch your base to be prepared and ready for a studio kit to arrive.

However, if you‘re a handyman and decided to DIY a base, please note, the base must be flat, solid, level and all corners must have 90-degree angles. If the base is prepared incorrectly, it may be very difficult to assemble a studio and even may lead to deterioration of the product in the future. For example, windows and/or doors may become difficult to open and/or close; gaps can occur between the wallboards.

Base options

You can choose to have a concrete slab, paved base, timber stumps, decking, sleepers or breeze blocks. Ideally, the base should be at least 10 cm above the existing ground level to prevent damp. Damp proofing should be considered before installation takes place.

Please read our build a Base guide for a concrete slab.

Concrete slab

  1. Measure the rectangular for a slab to be at least 50mm greater in all sides than your studio dimensions. Please ensure opposite sides of the square are parallel and equal in length and all corners are 90-degree angles.
  2. Remove any vegetation (if any) and soil about 10-20 cm deep depending on the soil in the selected area.
  3. Lay rubble or other similar material to ensure firm background for the slab.
  4. Make a square-shape shuttering for the concrete.
  5. Lay the concrete. Make sure the concrete is spread evenly in the shuttering. Take extra care of all the corners and edges.
  6. Dry the slab naturally.
  7. Once the slab is dry, remove the shuttering. Now you’re ready for a studio assembly.

Step 4. Install

DIY or Pro-Installation?

Again, you would have to consider whether you want to DIY or hire Pro installation builders. If you have good hands and decide to DIY, following a comprehensive self-assembly instruction which comes in a backyard cabin kit should be good enough to guide you through the process. You can also watch our backyard cabin assembly video on YouTube which provides you with the general assembly principles that apply to all models.

In case you‘d like to DIY but are not entirely confident or need two extra hands, simply ask your nearest builder to come out and guide you through the assembly process and help you DIY for a few hours or more.

If you hire Pro installation, then just watch your backyard cabin or granny flat installation as it should be a short one or two – day process for a cabin and about 4 days for a granny flat, depending on access to your site and size of a building.

Talk to us about the extent of the work you would require. We will suggest an optimal option for you including a price.

We have a dedicated page for guiding Builders before or on their first installation. Check it out to see the building process to assess your skills.

You can also watch a number or videos on YZY Kit Homes YouTube channel, a playlist called Building YZY Kit Homes: Builders Guide.