Step 9: Installing doors and windows

After 2 to 4 layers of wall-boards are up for the rough opening, it is time to install doors and windows. As the doors and windows slide into the keyways of walls, the lower you have to lift them, the better.

Installing internal doors

Important: Internal doors come with the bottom packing support. It’s just for a shipping. You have to remove it by taking all screws out.

Internal doors come fully installed into the frames. Again, for easier lifting, take the doors out and install the frames only. Frames will slide into the keyways. Adjust it so it is square. Leave internal doors out for now and install them back to frames at a later stage.

Installing external doors and windows


  1. Determine the internal and external side of the windows/doors. There is a silicon bead that runs all the way on the outside. So you know that is outside of your windows.
  2. Do not worry about the space left around the windows and doors. It is essential for natural timber movement, expansion and contraction. Do not try to fill the space! There must be a 5mm cavity on both sides and 40mm at the top. Cavity at the top will lessen as the structure settles down.
  3. Make a temporary support for tall windows (as in granny flat Rhodes or Ibiza) and doors.

Before you get too high, drop doors and window down into the grooved sides.  Then grab a ladder, get a block on top and just slightly tap it down until its fully located on the bottom.

Expert’s tip

“Align the doors and windows up the keyways and slide them down evenly. 2 men are required to easy complete this step”

Panorama door installation

To put the front panorama doors in you’ll need a second person because the doors are quite heavy. Holding doors from both sides you’ll have to manoeuvre them to line up the channels.

Important reminder. When you install the doors or windows, firstly determine the internal and external side. You’ll notice there’s a silicon bead that runs all the way on the outside. So you know that’s your outside of your windows.

Watch the video below for detailed instructions.

Installing windows to custom place

If you have to install windows to custom place or decided to add more windows when the cabin is already built, follow the steps below:

  1. Firstly, you’ll have to take off the architraves from outside of the window. You can leave the bottom one on.
  2. Then you need to measure up what the width and height of your window is. Allow 5mm on each side, total 10mm plus and 40mm on the top. This is very important not to miss.
  3. Measure up and mark on the wall where you would like to have windows installed.
  4. Cut the rough opening pushing the cut out panels out.
  5. Lift the window in. You’ll need someone to hold it from the inside.
  6. then go outside and screw the architraves back on.

If you’re installing 2 windows in one wall, only do one window at a time. If you cut both windows out, wall in the middle will come out also. So, only do one at a time.

Watch the video below for detailed instructions.

Weather sealing doors and windows

“Weather sealing can be done at the same time we seal (paint or stain) the door and window architraves because it requires to perform the same steps of removing the architraves and screwing them back on”

Expert’s Tip

Weather sealing external doors and windows is one of a very important steps. There are a number of options to seal the windows by adding steel flashing or additional timber on the top of the architrave to direct rain water away from doors and windows. In Australia, most commonly used weather sealing is with adhesive weather seal tape.

  1. Unscrew the architraves.
  2. Install the weather seal tape around the perimeter of windows and doors. You may want to seal (paint or stain) the back of architraves before you screw them back on. If you want to leave this for later, then follow the steps of sealing the architraves from all sides here.
  3. Screw the architraves back on.

Important: Support the windows from inside when taking off the architraves from outside and vice versa.

Installing YZY Kit homes is a fairly easy and speedy process. Enjoy it, but remember to check the steel rods are going through after every few wall boards up. Read all important points you have to remember when assembling the walls in Step 10. The list of all building steps can be found on Builders Guide page.