Granny flat Madeira
Granny flat Madeira 1 bedroom floor plan


43 m²


47 m²


90 m²

Madeira is our contemporary 1 bedroom studio cabin architecturally designed  to be a real lifestyle changer. Featuring a huge outdoor space conveniently step away from the spacious kitchen and lounge room, Madeira granny flat is perfect for hosting the people you love. Enjoy comfy and stylish get-togethers with your nearest and dearest family and friends. Natural timber and double glazing will provide you with comfortable living, so relax and sleep tight after a fabulous night.

View or download a brochure with a detailed information on this building. You will find a floor plan and its features, a list of inclusions, flexible options, technical data on building materials and window and door systems.


Living area less than 60m² conforms to council requirements for a 2nd dwelling

Ultra-modern design for a living in style

Huge covered veranda for outdoor living and entertaining

Open plan living, dining, kitchen leading onto expansive veranda

Dedicated room for laundry and storage

Spacious  bedroom

Good airflow throughout home

Loving the MADEIRA?

Get in touch with your local builder to check if this is the best design for your property.


Every YZY cabin becomes unique with the flexible options and colours of your choice and yet cost-effective as ‘bones’ of the building are pre-cut at the factory.

  • Set of drawings including certification for the windows and engineering for the building
  • Structure with external & internal walls, kiln-dried laminated 60mm Nordic Spruce
  • Structural tie down system – 21 steel rods, 10mm Ø
  • Roof structure 15 load bearing laminated rafters thickness 60mm, h = 140mm
  • 19mm T&G ceiling boards
  • Ceiling trimmings
  • Fascia boards
  • 4 laminated timber posts 115x115mm with adjustable legs
  • Timber covers for all external corner nibs
  • External Double-glazed uPVC doors and windows, top quality REHAU profile, white color
  • 1 External door (1000 x 2110mm, safety DG 4/16/4mm)
  • 2 tilt&turn windows (2245 x 2110mm, safety DG 4/16/4mm) 
  • 1 tilt&turn window (1800 x 1070mm, DG 4/16/4mm) 
  • 1 tilt window (1800 x 830mm, DG 4/16/4mm)
  • 1 tilt&turn window (550 x 610mm, safety DG 4/16/4mm), customizable placement of 1800 x 830mm, 550 x 610mm windows and one internal door, marked red on the floor plan
  • Timber architraves and fitted fly screens for all windows
  • 2 internal timber doors
  • 12 pre-drilled holes for electricity, 16mm Ø
  • All hardware
  • Drawings for assembly with all boards marked


Flexible options are sourced locally and can be ordered from our Authorized supplier, your local builder. The builder will customize the options to suit your taste and budget.

  • Custom size veranda/decking
  • Timber Handrail and external steps
  • Timber or steel sub-floor or a slab base
  • Colorbond roofing in colour of your choice
  • Gutters and down pipes
  • Internal and external cladding
  • Upgrade to BAL – Bushfire Attack Level
  • Upgrade to Cyclonic regions
  • Flooring of your choice
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Kitchen fit out
  • Bathroom fit out
  • Additional windows
  • Painting


  • Floor plan can be mirror reversed during installation
  • Windows marked red on the floor plan can be placed in your
    preferred location during installation
  • Customize the height of the building
  • Add more windows
  • Alter windows size

Also, we can make any structural changes to our architecturally designed range of granny flats or we can even make your own design come to life!

Granny flat Cyprus built in QLD
Granny flat Cyprus display village 2017, bedroom
Granny flat Cyprus kitchen
Granny flat Cyprus kitchen

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Why Scandinavian Granny Flats?

Stylish, energy efficient and eco-friendly buildings paired with top-performing German window and door systems will please you in the years to come.