Step 7: Marking holes for electricity wires

In this step, experts will show you how to mark the holes for the electricity wires you just pre-drilled. This step makes it easier for an electrician to wire the building.

Before we start putting our walls up, we draw marks for the electrician inside. Putting a mark on the floor itself is one way of doing this.  The electrician will then plump up to his switch height with the string from the marks and easily locate the electricity holes.

Expert’s tip

Use yellow tongue as a guide for the electrician. So he could easily see the channels for his wires through for the light switch.

Now the base is completely ready and prepared. So, we are ready for the most exciting part of building YZY Kit Homes – erecting the building! Go to the next step which explains important points when installing the first few wall-boards. All building steps can be found on Builders Guide page.