Step 5: Tie down of bottom boards

In this step experts will show you how to fix the first layer of all walls to the sub-floor. This is a very important step in building YZY Kit Homes.

Pre-drill the hold down fixings with the 6.5 mm drill for the first fix down screw on the perimeter. Use a Spade Bit to sink the head of the screw.

Important. Make sure you clean out any swarfing or any wood dust out of the halls, so boards sit down on top of another.

When screwing the bottom boards to the sub-floor, you want to eliminate any gap between the bottom board and a flooring. On the corners and every meter or so along the bottom board we tie down with the screw to the beam. Screws have to keep the first boards straight and hard down against the bottom.

Expert’s tip

When screwing the first layer of wall boards to the base, make sure you have all 90 degree angles in all corners and the base is level. Check, double check and triple check.

Now the bottom boards are tied down. The next step is to pre-drill the holes in the sub-floor for steel rods and electrical.

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