Step 1: Unwrapping the pallets and identifying parts

The first step in building YZY Kit Homes is to unwrap the pallets and familiarize yourself with the parts.

It is very important that you get your packs as close as possible to your job, so you are reducing your downtime of traveling from pack to pack. Just familiarize yourself with the packs and make sure all components are on site and all packs are unwrapped. Also, find your bottom layer of wall boards that you’re gonna fix to the floor. When you see a ripped down board, that is the one of your first layer boards to be tied down to the sub-floor.

Expert’s tip: One man from your team can pre-drill the holes in the sub-floor for electrical and tie down rods while others are unwrapping pallets.

The next step is to locate the box with hardware and Instruction Manual. All granny flat building steps can be found on Builders Guide page.