Granny flats

YZY Kit Homes 1 and 2 bedroom granny flats were designed for people looking for a larger extra room in their backyard or holiday property, granny flat or a rental room. Pre-cut flat packed kits come conveniently on pallets and a studio may be assembled in 3-4 days saving your money and time in building process. Natural laminated timber and double glazing will provide comfort and a piece of mind for Health and Sustainably-minded people.

Check our backyard cabins range if you are looking for smaller space.



Iceland is an incredibly well laid out contemporary 2 bedroom granny flat. This design has 2 spacious bedrooms separated with a generous size bathroom. This building may be assembled in 4 days saving your money and time in building process. Read more…

Rhodes - 2 bedroom house


A country classic English cottage style Rhodes is a 2 bedroom design with a high-pitched ceilings and trendy exposed beams that make a building extremely airy and spacious. Read more…



Ibiza is our 2 bedroom granny flat which combines modern style with natural aesthetics. Designed in linear style, even with Colorbond cladding Ibiza looks warm and inviting with the natural timber details: decking area, timber architraves and fascia. Read more…

Granny flat Capri


A classic Capri in its idyllic style is perfect for those wishing to have more of a traditional style living. This 2 bedroom design is ideal as a young family home or parents retreat. Read more…

Madeira - 2 bedroom


Madeira 2 bedrooms is a modern and functional design suited for larger properties as a secondary dwelling, or a holiday accommodation for family or business. Making a study out of the second bedroom makes it ideal for a family of two occasionally having family or friends to stay overnight. Read more…

Granny flat Malta


Malta is our 2 bedroom granny flat designed for people looking for a cabin with an extra room for guests. Malta cabin is perfect  for a holiday property or a rental room.  It can be assembled in 3 daysRead more…

Granny flat Greenland


Granny flat Greenland is our spacious 2 bedroom cabin designed to be a stay-at home family house, a granny flat or a holiday cottage, beach house. It can be assembled in 4 days. Read more…

Cyprus - 1 bedroom house


Cyprus is our 1 bedroom granny flat with a large veranda at the front. It is perfect as a larger extra room in their backyard, holiday property or a rental room. Cyprus may be assembled in 3 days. Read more…


MADEIRA 1 bedroom

Granny flat Madeira is our contemporary 1 bedroom studio architecturally designed  to be a real lifestyle changer. Featuring a huge outdoor space conveniently step away from the spacious kitchen and lounge room.  Read more…

Contact Information

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How is my granny flat built?

You can choose the level of completion – from a supply only kit for DIY right through to a turnkey solution that’s ready to move in. Click here for more information.

When will my granny flat arrive?

Currently, the lead time for granny flats is 18–26 weeks. During this time you can prepare your site and arrange approvals from your council. Check with your nearest builder regarding ETA of the kit and current lead times for building services.

What will my granny flat cost?

We offer options for every budget, from $62,500 for a DIY 1-bedroom granny flat, through to $201,000 for a 2-bedroom granny flat built to turnkey. Find more information on the pricing page.

What are the council requirements for granny flats?

When it comes to building a granny flat, it’s important to note that each state in Australia has its own specific laws, and there may be additional conditions imposed by local councils. However, as a general reference, you can explore some standard guidelines to determine if you might be able to construct a granny flat without requiring council approval. These guidelines are available on our website’s “Do I need council approval” page. For personalized assistance and advice, you can also consult with your nearest YZY builder for guidance.

Who will be my point of contact during the project?

At YZY Kit Homes, we develop and manufacture quality mass timber granny flats, while our fully-trained authorised building network distributes and builds our granny flats throughout Australia and New Zealand. We connect you to your local YZY authorised builder who will guide you through every step of the project, from the initial contact to your finished granny flat.