Granny flats

YZY 1 and 2 bedroom granny flats were designed for people looking for a larger extra room in their backyard or holiday property, granny flat or a rental room. Precut flat packed kits come conveniently on pallets and a studio may be assembled in 3 days saving your money and time in building process. Natural solid timber and double glazing will provide comfort and a piece of mind for Health and Sustainably-minded people.

Check our backyard cabins range if you are looking for smaller space.

Granny flat Cyprus 40m²


Granny flat Cyprus is our 1 bedroom cabin with a large veranda at the front. It is perfect as a larger extra room in their backyard, holiday property or a rental room. Cyprus may be assembled in 3 days. Read more…

Granny flat Madeira 43m² front view


Granny flat Madeira is our contemporary 1 bedroom studio architecturally designed  to be a real lifestyle changer. Featuring a huge outdoor space conveniently step away from the spacious kitchen and lounge room.  Read more…

Granny flat Malta 42m²


Granny flat Malta is our 2 bedroom studio designed for people looking for a cabin with an extra room for guests. Malta cabin is perfect  for a holiday property or a rental room.  It can be assembled in 3 daysRead more…

Granny flat Greenland 57 m²


Granny flat Greenland is our spacious 2 bedroom cabin designed to be a stay-at home family house, a granny flat or a holiday cottage, beach house. It can be assembled in 4 days. Read more…

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