Step 14: Installing rafters above veranda

You have installed rafters and your new building is structurally sound and solid. The next step explains how to install rafters above veranda.

Important. The structural design of the building usually has posts to support the roof of the veranda. However, posts are usually installed last, after the decking is completed. If this is your case, make a temporary support to support the side walls and the rafters above veranda.

Assemble the rafters above veranda according to the drawings of your model. All boards are marked, so make sure you have rafters located correctly. Screw them at all junctions from the top where they interlock with the short walls coming out from the building.  Also, where there is just one wall-board below the rafter, screw the wall-board to the rafter from the bottom. Have your screws long enough to go on angle through the rafter into the top wall-board piece of vice versa.

Experts Tip

Use timber clamps to drive the last (furthermost from the building) rafter from the bottom. Clamps are handy to keep the rafter in place until it’s fixed with screws. Depending on how wide your veranda is, you may need 2-4 men each with clamps on step ladders lifting the rafter up and slotting into place.

Now we have all building and veranda rafters in place and fixed. The next step is to tie down the steel rods. All other building steps can be found on Builders Guide page.