Eco-Friendly Private Noosa Hideaway Project

Peacefully resting among the tall trees, this custom-designed project is a sustainable hideaway with instant appeal.

Nestled on a secluded 10-acre block by a lake, with a stunning coastal national park on its doorstep, the Noosa Hideaway is an impressive, eco-friendly home in every sense. Built as a DIY project, the home is a customized version of our Iceland that has been altered to suit the needs of our clients. Perfectly finished with natural materials and simple, modern styling, the home blends seamlessly with the surrounding natural habitat and lush greenery. Read on to discover the features and design elements that have come together to create this beautiful, sustainable home.

DIY customized Iceland kitchen dining table

Eco-friendly materials and design

Like all our cabins and granny flats, the Noosa Hideaway is constructed of sustainable mass timber (LGL) walls. This assists with energy efficiency, as the walls act like thermal batteries, storing heat through the day before releasing it at night.

DIY customized Iceland

Building with timber can also deliver a neutral or negative carbon footprint, as unlike steel, bricks and concrete, timber buildings actively remove and store carbon from the atmosphere.

DIY customized Iceland kitchen living area

This home also includes double glazed doors and windows, which when used in combination with the mass timber walls, creates a comfortable and extremely energy efficient home.

DIY customized Iceland kitchen loundry room

Customised floor plan to suit

The floor plan is based on our 2-bedroom Iceland granny flat design, with some alterations made to suit the client’s unique requirements.

Eco-friendly private Noosa hideaway floor plan

The open plan living room, spacious enclosed front deck and master bedroom were retained, while the second bedroom was reduced in size and converted to a home office, which allowed the bathroom to be extended out on one side.

Eco-friendly private Noosa hideaway floor plan front

A back door and stairs were also added for ease of access, along with a storage cupboard in the living zone for convenience.

Eco-friendly private Noosa hideaway floor plan back

Natural timber interior for a healthier home

The exposed beams and timber walls, floor and ceiling, bring a natural ambience to the interior that feels right at home in the beautiful surroundings. The high ceilings add a sense of space that is important in smaller buildings, while the dark colouring of the cabinetry and furniture contrast well with the natural elements.

DIY customized Iceland kitchen

In addition to the aesthetics, the extensive use of timber inside the home creates a healthy environment that feels good to be in. Timber buildings have been shown in many studies to benefit our stress levels and health, providing a calmer and happier space for the occupants.

Built to meet BAL-29 requirements

With the natural bushland and forest close by, the property is classified as BAL 29, and has been built to meet these strict requirements.

DIY customized Iceland terrace

We are often asked if timber homes are suitable for bushfire prone areas, with a common perception being that non-flammable materials such as concrete and steel would be the only choice. The truth is, with the right products and design decisions, a timber home will meet all Australian bushfire standards and can be a fantastic choice for those looking to ‘build out’ bushfires in high BAL areas.

Forest hideaway built to perfection

Surrounded by nature and built to perfection, this private hideaway in beautiful Noosa is a wonderful example of an eco-friendly home in its element.

If you’re considering building a sustainable, healthy home or backyard cabin, contact your local YZY Kit Homes authorised builder and supplier today to find out which design is the best fit for your project.