Fulvio Di Prinzio
 Ingeniously simple and easy to erect. From slab to roof in 6hrs with 3 guys...little construction knowledge required. Inexpensive and practical homes that have added value to our property and a great little retreat for us and playroom for the children. The people from YZY Kit Homes are a pleasure to deal with; always available and the after sales support was fantastic. Highly recommend them. 
Nicole Jones
 Great company to work with. Both as a customer and an associate, YZY Kit Homes are supportive and professional. I highly recommend this business! 
Jackie Hammond
 I think that's all we need ! Make one good granny flat. 
Pam Hart
 In all the years dealing with trades people I must say Shane and his team are professional, excellent at customer service, skilled at their trade and I am thrilled with my She Shed'!!! Thank you Custom Creations!! 
Steve Curran
 We recently purchased an YZY Cabin from our authorised distributor, Ian Crowe. We were very impressed with the way our cabin was purchased and built in no time at all. We are very happy with the service Ian provided. Our cabin is amazing now its finished. We like to call it the "Hampton Hut" a lovely peaceful area to escape to. We would highly recommend YZY Cabins and we fully trust Ian Crowe as the authorised distributor. Thank you.  
Martin Boerner
 YZY Kit Homes are revolutionising the Cabin and Granny Flat Market, professional installation teams, quality European materials and a level of professionalism not often seen in the building industry. 
 I was amazed by how well the building insulated is. I only turned the Air conditioner on once or twice during summer even on we had 5 days straight of over 40 degrees. It serves me well, I’m very comfortable in my new home. Anybody who has come to my new home was very very impressed! 
Alius Sukys
 Excellent product and service! Highly recommended company, easy to deal with. A friend of mine is looking for a garden studio, came to see mine, was very impressed and is going to contact you guys, best of luck with your business 
Liutauras Gudiskis
 Beautiful cabins and excellent service! Definitely recommended!  
Jennifer Thompson
 The cabin looks fantastic. I am so pleased with the results. Visitors admire it greatly. The cabin is perfect and just what I wanted. Thank you so very much.  
Joel An Jacelle
 Great homes! Made really well, very sturdy, aesthetically pleasing and lovely service! 
Paul Miller
 Was looking for the best builders of Scandinavian cabins, made the right choice! Thanks YZY for my home office, highly recommended company and cabins are the best 
Ieva Va
 We've been looking for an extra space/bedroom solution for our house for quite a long time until we came across Sicilia cabin from YZY Kit Homes. The building experience was similar to one of playing LEGO. In saying that, I would stress that cabin engineering is exceptional. The steel rods interlocks the wood in 8 corners of the cabin, ensuring that this cute little house will survive the severe winds and storms. Furthermore, the double glazed windows provide that extra protection needed during the hot or cold season and an extra inclusion of small deck gives the design that final cosy touch. I love my little special space in our own backyard. Highly recommended! Thanks YZY! 
Andrew Winslade
 Our Sicilia 20m² fitted out with a spa bath, sauna turned into a beautiful backyard retreat. Geoff and his son James from Summerhouse Company were very very helpful. The small back room in the back of the cabin has become a great cool room to brew apple cider as well. 
Shayne Price
 Great quality built cabins and granny flats, excellent designs and service second to none. A+++