Projects built in 2019

Projects Built In 2019

The year 2019 was a prolific one, it saw the construction of new Scandinavian cabins, granny flats and houses spread across Australia. YZY Kit Homes were used in varying ways. The larger units were utilized as homes, independent living spaces specially designed for teenagers, guest houses or bed and breakfasts. The smaller studio-type cabins were utilized as art studios, home offices, music rooms, pool houses and sheds.

Space is the primary driving force for the initiation of construction. Then the client gets in contact with a builder to develop potential ideas. Simultaneously, the builder focuses on the options and restrictions associated with the site. Following a few rounds of discussion, working in unison the best possible outcome is achieved. The results speak for themselves. Here are some of the cabins which came up in 2019.

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Cyprus - newly built house in QLD

New granny flat for Christmas in Queensland

We recently had a client who desperately needed a small home before Christmas…she called 10 days ago!

Granny flats from YZY were a great option. They were the size she wanted, there was one in stock and they can be built quickly.

A combined effort from the owner at YZY kit homes, Adrian from Classic Kit Homes and Rowan and his team from Queensland Building and Construction are making it happen.
Her new home, the Cyprus granny flat,  was delivered on Monday.

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