Our featured 2017 projects

Looking back at 2017 – what an amazing year it was for many of us with such an incredible projects completed with Scandinavian backyard cabins and granny flats.

Big big thanks go to our dear clients, our fantastic teams – cabin builders, people at the factory, designers, engineers, transport and customs agents and all others involved in the process. Backyard cabins, studios and granny flats built in Australia are a result of hard work and a great input from everyone, so THANK YOU!

Scandinavian Cabins were mainly used as a Teenage Studio, a Home Office, Parents Retreat, as a Guest House, a Pool House, a Hobby Room, a Music Room, as a She Shed, an Art Studio, a Martial Arts Studio and a Rental Accommodation, B&B or rented through Airbnb.

We published a Photo Book which contains some of building projects with YZY cabins completed this year across Australia. The Photo Book YZY projects 2017 is available to view at any of our authorised backyard cabins builders and suppliers.

Below is a video created from all the most interesting and beautifully set up cabins published in the Photo Book 2017. We hope you will enjoy watching it and getting a few ideas for your own building project in upcoming year 2018. Please share it with anyone you know may need a Scandinavian quality building for any use.

If you prefer viewing of the pages and reading about the projects that are featured in the Photo Book YZY projects 2017, please find them below. You will find images, described usage of the backyard cabins and granny flats built and the builder who possibly suggested great ideas and of course built the cabins.

Cabin built as a Teenage Retreat and a pool House in the Central Coast

Sicilia 20m² built as a Daughter’s retreat and a Pool House with a huge outdoor area including a fully equipped kitchen.

Built by Custom Creations, on the Central Coast, NSW.

Backyard cabin Sicilia built in 2017 daughters retreat and pool house

Timber Studio built as a pop-up restaurant in Sydney

Our beautiful timber studio Sicilia 20m² built right under the Harbour Bridge in 1 day. Our cabin made of sustainable materials was set up as a pop-up restaurant. A 10-seater dining table was set up in the main room and a kitchen bench with drinks and tableware in the space to the right from the dinning room. Kitchen with the professional chef cooking meals was behind closed doors in a room at the back of the building. It was a part of IKEA’s Growroom project to illustrate tomorrow’s sustainable future. For a full article and photos from the event, please read: Sicilia And IKEA Growroom Illustrates Tomorrow’s Sustainable Future, Insider Views

The cabins was built and connected to services in one day by our excellent builder Custom Creations who is servicing Sydney, Central Coast and the Hunter.

Backyard cabin Sicilia built in 2017 under Harbour Bridge IKEA project
Sicilia studio at night
Backyard cabin Sicilia built in 2017 IKEA project sydney
Sicilia Studio by the Harbour, day time

New Home while the Main House rented through Airbnb

Our popular 1 bedroom Cyprus 40m² built in Buderim, QLD. Cyprus cottage is Tracey’s new Home while renting her main house through Airbnb. The cabin building process was managed by Adrian from Classic Kit Homes and Rowan and his team from Queensland Building and Construction. You can read about the 6 day building process and view pictures in this article.

Granny flat Cyprus 2017 tiny home Airbnb

Beach retreat cabin rented through Airbnb

Classic style Corsica 20m² was added to ‘The Lighthouse at Copacabana Beach’ retreat rented through Airbnb. You can see more pictures and read more about this project in this article.

Built by our excellent builder Custom Creations servicing Sydney, Central Coast and the Hunter.

Backyard cabin Corsica built in 2017 for Airbnb

Backyard cabin Crete 12m² – the Hampton Hut built in Port Macquarie

“My husband and I were very impressed with the way our cabin was purchased and built in no time at all. We are very happy with the service Ian provided. We like to call it the “Hampton Hut” a lovely peaceful area to escape to. Thank you.”- gave feedback Curran Family.

You can find more outside pictures and internal shots of this cabin in the article “Hampton Hut In Port Macquarie”

This beautiful Crete was built by Ian, Port Cabins

Backyard cabin Crete built in 2017 for guests accommodation

Granny Flat Cyprus 40m² built as a Display on the Central Coast

In the begging of this fabulous year, our charming Cyprus was built as a display cabin at the new Display Village of Custom Creations. This is our largest display Village and convenient one-stop-shop for Sydney, Central Coast and the Hunter.

Granny flat Cyprus 2017 display cabin in Central Coast nsw

Pool House and Teenage Retreat built in Central Coast

This is our beautiful timber studio Sicilia 20m² built as a Pool House and later Teenage Retreat. The cabin has a bathroom with a shower, a toilet and a vanity. Project was built by Custom Creations on the Central Coast, NSW.

Backyard cabin Sicilia built in 2017 pool house central coast nsw


Customised Granny Flat Cyprus 40m² built in Kambah ACT

Our standard Cyprus was modified to suit client’s site and built in Kambah, ACT. Clients loved the original design of the building but could not fit it in between the fence and the existing garage. So we modified the floor plan moving the veranda and the entrance doors to the side. Clients were very pleased with the result. This granny flat now is rented out and generates a steady cash flow for the client.

If you live in ACT or within the 300 km radius and have a question to the builder, please feel free to contact Canberra Outdoor Structures.

Granny flat Cyprus 2017 custom built for rent in act

Music studio built in Armidale

Corsica 20m² was built to be a music Studio with baby grand piano. This project was built by quality builders from New England Building Recyclers in Armidale. If this is your area, please get in touch with the team to discuss your needs for extra space.

Backyard cabin Corsica built in 2017 for music room

Twin Backyard Cabins built for a Private Martial Arts Studio in Armidale

Two standard one room cabins called Corsica 20m² were built and joined together with the joining deck for a private Martial Arts Studio. We have more information on this interesting project and images including the building process in an article “Twin Backyard Cabin As Private Martial Arts Studio In Armidale”.

Builder New England Building Recyclers.

Backyard cabin Corsica built in 2017 for private martial arts studio

Tiny House for a Young Family and their Brand New Baby, ACT

This Tiny House was customized to suit the site and built for a Young Family and their Brand New Baby in ACT Built by Canberra Outdoor Structures There are more information, the floor plan of the building and more images in this article

Backyard cabin Sicilia built in 2017 custom tiny house

Backyard Cabin built for a Fine Art Gallery in Macmasters Beach

Our backyard cabin Crete built as a New Gallery For Sherry McCourt Fine Art in Macmasters Beach. For more information about the gallery and more images, please read here.

Project Built by Custom Creations.

Backyard cabin Crete built in 2017 for fine art studio

What a great year 2017 it was with so many beautiful projects built. We at YZY Kit Homes are so proud to have our teams of quality builders working hard to realize even most complex projects.  Results are fantastic and we look forward with excitement to the next year 2018. Let’s see what ideas and results it will bring!