Sicilia cabin and IKEA Growroom illustrates tomorrow’s sustainable future, insider views

Our Sicilia cabin and IKEA’s critically-acclaimed Growroom were built by our outstanding Custom Creations team, builders for Sydney, the Central Coast, and the Hunter, under the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Sicilia Studio was set up as a restaurant, with the spherical urban garden providing fresh produce for the IKEA Shared Dining Experience. Through this unique presentation, IKEA shared with us a glimpse of tomorrow’s sustainable ‘co-living’ community, which coincided with the release of IKEA’s People and Planet Positive 2017 report.

Backyad Cabin Sicilia and Growroom

Remi Buika and Lina Urbona from YZY Kit Homes brought some insider views on the event to share with our readers, Facebook fans, and followers, as well as the builders teams of backyard cabins and granny flats across Australia. Good things must be shared, and you can help us spread the word of ideas for future sustainable living.

“What a great educating event it was about sustainable future while sharing delicious responsibly sourced food with lovely people we just met – truly unforgettable experience” – said Remi Buika, YZY Kit Homes after experiencing IKEA Shared dining session.

Before the meals were served, Kate Ringvall, Sustainability Manager at IKEA Australia shared key findings from the report with the dinners. The report reveals eye-opening statistics about enormous population growth, from 24-25 million today to over 70 million in the next hundred years. This means our living space will get smaller, and we’ll become co-living and sharing communities. Despite our population being expected to almost double in the next 50 years, only 51% don’t see these changes happening within our lifetime. Also, barely 1/3 of locals believe that we, as a population, will be ready for the big changes affecting the way we live, commute, and eat.

Sicilia backyard cabin and IKEA sustainability report
Kate Ringvall, Sustainability Manager at IKEA Australia, shared key findings from the report with the dinners

“Thanks to IKEA for this experience, now I believe that people just need to open their minds and start building cities so we can live comfortably in the near future,” said Remi. “After this pleasant experience, Co-living and sharing do not terrify me at all; on the contrary, it feels great sharing local produce with a close-knit community.”

Inside Sicilia backyard cabin IKEA shared dining experience

What was on the menu?

There were four fresh meals prepared by the chef and served by the IKEA team. For the main, there were responsibly sourced grilled salmon fillets, potato salad, and meat balls with mushrooms, all with freshly picked herbs and edible flowers right from the Growroom. For desert, there were crepes with mascarpone cheese, jams served, and they were light and delicious.

Inside Backyard Cabin Sicilia by Harbour Bridge Sydney
10 Seater Dining table inside Sicilia cabin
Dining table inside Sicilia studio
Dining table inside Sicilia backyard studio

If you would like a Scandinavian-style cabin like this in your backyard and are located in Sydney, the Central Coast, or the Hunter area, reach out to Custom Creations, the talented builders behind this project. For those residing in other parts of Australia, get in touch with your nearest dealer.

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