Jenny and Keith’s Art Studio in Queensland

For Queensland creatives Jenny and Keith, having a dedicated space for their art projects and supplies was something they had always aspired to. When Jenny and Keith decided to install an art studio in their backyard, our Sicilia Panorama 30 proved the perfect fit.

‘We decided to explore the idea of a tiny home in our backyard, mainly to utilise as a quiet space to work on creative art projects and store the associated materials.’

Inside Art Studio, Queensland

They had a vision in mind of a space that was both practical and beautiful, somewhere to inspire creativity that was a joy to be in – and when they found our Sicilia Panorama 30 design they knew they had found the ideal design to bring their dream art studio to life.

The right design and an effortless build

After spending some time researching the available options for backyard cabins and studios, they opted to go with YZY Kit Homes and build our versatile Sicilia Panorama 30 design.

‘We found YZY Kit Homes’ website and were impressed by the concept and the flexibility in the many designs available. After considering the various sizes and designs, we then contacted Adrian and Heather at Classic Kit Homes. They helped us to make an informed decision about our Sicilia Panorama 30 and also provided the name of a builder who had experience in building YZY Kit Homes.’

Art Studio Front, Queensland

Jenny and Keith were thrilled with the speed and ease of the build, which only took around one week to complete. The option to go with Surefoot Footings for the foundation was also a big plus, as it meant there was very little disturbance to their backyard.

‘We were so pleased to have decided on the Surefoot Footings option as there was minimal disturbance of soil in our backyard. We commend the builders who worked tirelessly, and with pride and expertise throughout the whole build which took approximately 7 days.’

A stunning art studio comes to life

As with all of our designs, there was plenty of scope to customise the design of backyard cabin to suit their requirements, but Jenny and Keith only made one small change to the original Sicilia Panorama 30 floor plan which as to extend the verandah out to 1.8 metres and position wider steps across the front of the verandah.

Art Studio Living Room. Queensland

‘To us, it fits perfectly into the space and looks like it was always meant to belong in our backyard. It has been admired by many friends and family. We agree with their comments: everything is quality! We love the double glazed windows with tilt and opening features and the lovely position. It would be great to live in!’

Art Studio Bedroom, Queensland

For Jenny and Keith, the entire project was seamless. From the guidance from our building partners at Classic Kit Homes and the professionalism and efficiency of the builders on the ground, to the quality, beauty and sustainable features of the finished studio, they couldn’t be happier with their new creative space.

‘We are very grateful to Adrian and Heather from Classic Kit Homes for assisting us during the whole process and making the build such a pleasant experience. We are thrilled with our Sicilia Panorama 30 studio. Thank you!!!’