Working From Home? Here’s 3 Backyard Office Projects to Inspire

Today, more people than ever are working from home. Whether you have always run a home business or were forced to adapt as a result of the pandemic, it’s clear that with the right workspace, it can be productive, enjoyable and profitable.

Telehealth office space in Epping. Featured

For some, a spare bedroom can be utilised as an office space comfortably—but for others, this may not be ideal or possible. That’s where our backyard cabins can be the perfect solution. The compact size makes them suitable for most backyards, and the speed of the installation means you won’t need to wait long to move into your new office. And importantly, our cabins are built entirely from laminated LGL timber, making them a sustainable, energy efficient and healthy choice.

Over the past few years we’ve built home offices to suit a wide range of businesses, from health and wellness therapies to corporate consulting. Our designs are highly flexible and can be adapted to suit. So in this article we’re highlighting three bright, modern and unique home office spaces to showcase the potential and provide inspiration for your own project.

Home Office Haven, Canberra

Inside Home office ACT Crete Panorama 10

This simple but elegant home office in Canberra is both functional and stylish and is truly a pleasure to be in. The modern colour scheme and furnishings gives it a professional look and feel, while the warmth of the timber provides an ambient vibe that is comfortable and inviting.

Outside Home office ACT Crete Panorama 18

Our client opted for the Corsica Panorama 18 backyard cabin design, and it was the perfect fit for a desk, couch and cabinets for storage. With large panorama doors opening out to the sunny deck, it’s easy to get outside and enjoy breaks in the fresh air.

Built by our experienced local building partner the cabin was completed fast thanks to the precision cut parts delivered directly to site, ready to install. Our client loves the serenity of her new space and it has made a huge difference to her level of concentration and output while working from home.

Backyard Office Cabin, Brisbane

Brett Cowan owner of home office, Brisbane, QLD

When COVID forced Brett Cowan out of his city-based office, he needed to make the switch to managing his business from home. With no spare rooms in the house, his only option was to set up in the garage. But with webcasts being an important aspect of his project management and consulting business, the poor sound quality and uncomfortable surroundings quickly proved unworkable.

Brett decided the best and fastest solution was to install a backyard office cabin at his Brisbane home. He chose the Crete Panorama 10 design, as the size was just right for his backyard space. The solid timber walls provide excellent sound quality, and his new home office was installed in less than a week. Although he is now free to return to his city office, Brett chooses to avoid the commute and spend half the week working in his tranquil home office.

Telehealth office space, Epping

Backyard Telehealth office space, Epping

For Shona Stewart, switching from face to face to telehealth appointments in her busy psychology practice allows her to reach clients across Australia, including those in remote communities. However, the decision to work from home meant she’d need a dedicated working space. She decided a standalone cabin would be the ideal fit for her Sydney home and she spent many hours researching her options. In the end, the quality, cost-effectiveness and efficiency of YZY Kit Homes stood out and Shona couldn’t be happier with her finished telehealth office space.

Inside Telehealth office space in Epping

The classic style of the Corsica Panorama 18 looks right at home in her suburban backyard, and the warmth of the timber combined with the ample natural light create a modern relaxed atmosphere that’s a joy to be in. Once her cabin was delivered to site, it took our local YZY builder only a few days to complete the installation, meaning Shona could get her space set up and business running entirely from home sooner.

A home office cabin can transform your business

If you’re one of the many working from home without a private, dedicated space, a backyard cabin can be a game changer— and you may even be eligible for tax benefits. With room to set up your workspace properly, you are able to better focus and deliver high quality work. So if the peace and freedom of a home office could transform your business, start dreaming up your own backyard cabin project today!

If you’d like to know more about any of our home office projects or have a question about our backyard cabins or granny flat designs, get in touch with your local YZY granny flats and backyard cabins builder to find out your options today!