Telehealth office space in Epping

Like many health practitioners, when COVID hit, Shona made the decision to switch to telehealth so that she could continue to help her clients. Operating a successful psychology clinic, she needed a home office that would provide absolute peace and privacy, and our Corsica Panorama 18 cabin proved to be ideal.

Telehealth office space in Epping

“Highly recommend YZY Kit Homes. After looking at multiple backyard cabins for my telehealth office space I couldn’t find a product that compared both in terms of quality and cost-effectiveness. Now it is in place I wish the house had the same standard of doors and windows. The builder and his team were exceptionally professional and the cabin went up so smoothly. The biggest problem I have is that I don’t want to leave the office now!”

Testimonial from YZY Kit Homes Facebook page
Shona Stewart Inside Telehealth office space, Epping

Having operated her successful psychology practise for a number of years, Shona Stewart decided it was time to move the business to a predominantly telehealth focus. Needing the right space for work led to her installing an office Corsica Panorama cabin in her backyard.

Backyard Telehealth office space, Epping
Backyard Telehealth office space, Epping

Shona ordered her YZY Kit Homes garden studio from the Authorised builder servicing Sydney at a busy time; just when COVID-19 changed our way of living, and overwhelming demand for a home office space was created. “It took a little while for my cabin to arrive in the warehouse. However, once we had it, the cabin took only a few days to install. ” – Shona said.

“Now that I have moved all the furniture in as well, I am so pleased with the result. In fact, I like spending time here so much, that I do so not only when I am working. The atmosphere is so beautiful and calm that it is the perfect space just for relaxing.”

Inside Telehealth office space in Epping
Telehealth office space in Epping right side

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