Home office installed within a week in Brisbane, QLD

When the isolation phase of COVID-19 required individuals to work from home, Brett Cowan needed to temporarily manage his city-based business from his garage.

“Obviously this option wasn’t the most attractive, but with a 4 bedroom home and our 3 children rightfully filling every space, it was actually the only one I had,” Brett explains.

Brett Cowan owner of home office, Brisbane, QLD

Not only can a garage be unwelcoming and unappealing, to make matters particularly difficult for Brett, the sound quality in a garage proved absolutely unworkable for webcasts (an important part of Brett’s business, AgileXperts).

A home office, Brisbane, QLD, side painted
Inside home office in Brisbane, QLD

“I decided the best way forward was to install an office cabin in my yard, where I could have control over the sound quality, so I ordered my YZY Kit Home, and it was installed within a week!”

side of home office Brisbane, QLD

Now that Brett can work in his city office again, he prefers to beat the morning commute and work for half the week in his own comfortable and professional cabin office.

Front of home office Brisbane, QLD

“In fact, in the evenings at times when I have finished work for the day, the kids make use of the space to reflect after the day or just play their games.”

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