Celebrity studio Sicilia for Christmas $1,500 Off

Who does not like Christmas deals and offers? For this year, we have a factory offer of $1,500 off our beautiful timber studio Sicilia 20m². Offer is valid for orders placed this year, until stocks last. This year our backyard cabin Sicilia took part in a few amazing projects with one being built just under the Harbour Bridge. This is arguably the most iconic place in Australia and so now we call her our celebrity studio Sicilia.

Celebrity Timber Studio Sicilia Christmas sale
Image: Backyard Cabin Sicilia And IKEA Growroom Illustrates Tomorrow’s Sustainable Future. Read more

Our Sicilia timber studio is an ensuite cabin mostly used as a teenage retreat, guest house, backyard home office or a pool house and outdoor entertaining area.

“The floor plan of Sicilia cabin was designed with 3 things in mind. Firstly to have a maximum floor area and comply with exempt development requirements at the same time. Exempt developments do not require council permission and you can have 2 of them per lot. This allows a very quick 1-2 day process installing a building.- explains Remi Buika, the man who developed Sicilia model from scratch to suit the policy.  “Clients are happy with no mess and noise in their backyard. Just like the builders are happy to get the job done efficiently. Thanks to ingenious Scandinavian design.

Floor plan Timber Studio Sicilia
Floor plan of studio Sicilia

Secondly, the floor plan of Sicilia was designed to have a separate room for a bathroom or a storage room which can be closed or locked off. So people can use it say as a cabana/pool room or a home office with a separate room for storage. And last but not least was the design of the cabin. We made it modern, light and airy with many windows to allow daylight and get the breeze. And it worked quite well, people seem to love everything about our Celebrity cabin” – said Remi and smiled.

So, if building a backyard cabin is on your list and Sicilia is what you need, take the Offer and have that $1,500 cash saved for Christmas presents.

Get the Christmas Offer for timber studio Sicilia

To get the offer, please contact your nearest builder or visit their display cabins. Find cabins builder closest to you.

We hope you will enjoy having a celebrity cabin built in your backyard!

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