Classic Custom Cabin: The Perfect Fit for Luxury Guest Accommodation

Looking to build a guest house or AirBnB cabin with a difference in your backyard? This recently completed project proves our custom backyard cabins are the perfect fit!

When our clients decided to build a cabin for luxury guest accommodation at their home in Sydney, they had two key criteria: the cabin must blend with the heritage architecture of the area, and it needed to fit in a fairly narrow space. In response to the brief, our local builders created a custom backyard cabin that ticked all these boxes and more!

inside custom cabin

Classic style with gorgeous finishes

The classic white of the interior is light, bright and breezy, with the timber walls and exposed beams adding a warmth to the space that gives it a wonderful depth. A clear standout of the space is the feature art deco windows supplied by the client, which bring a sense of style and character to the cabin that fits perfectly with the heritage homes of the surrounding neighbourhood. The simple fittings and furnishings perfectly complement the classic feel, creating a cabin that’s a joy to be in.

Custom floor plan to suit narrow space

The cabin was custom designed to fit the narrow backyard space, with dimensions of 3m wide and 5.6m deep. The starting point was our Milos 14 one-room cabin, which was extended from by one metre and made slightly narrower. The floor plan includes a main room that comfortably fits a bed, a heritage cabinet complete with kitchen wares including a kettle and toaster, plus a clothes rack to keep things tidy.

custom cabin floor plan
Customized Milos floor plan
Backyard cabin Milos 14 m² grey white
The starting point – standard Milos 14 one-room cabin

The ensuite bathroom is discreetly located at the back of the cabin and features fixtures and fittings supplied by the client, plus a toilet, vanity and shower.

Mass timber comfort and efficiency

Like all our backyard cabins and granny flats, this home is built from sustainable mass timber, creating a healthy and comfortable space that promotes a sense of calm and wellbeing.

Mass timber walls and double glazed timber window

Other benefits of building with mass timber include a negative carbon footprint, built-in energy efficiency and a fast and simple construction process. Not to mention it looks fabulous and is structurally strong and built to last!

Unique backyard guest accommodation for you

If you’re building a backyard cabin or granny flat, and are looking for something unique, stylish and sustainable, our designs are a fantastic option.

Whatever your dream cabin looks like, our accredited builders are ready to help you bring your vision to life. Contact them to discuss your ideas and kickstart your project today!