Sustainable, Stylish Poolside Cabin in Brisbane

As stylish as it is versatile, our cabin makes the perfect pool house that doubles as eco-friendly guest accommodation!

When our clients were looking for an attractive poolside cabin that would match the style of their home and offer the flexibility to provide guest accommodation on demand, our Sicilia Panorama 30 was the perfect choice. Constructed from mass timber and featuring double glazed windows throughout, the cabin is loved by all who are lucky enough to stay here.

Sicilia Panorama 30 pool house in Brisbane 2022

The versatility and sustainable features of our homes are on display in this stylish pool house in Brisbane.

Read on to discover the design highlights, key features and our client’s perspective on the look and feel of the design, and the ease and speed of the ordering and building process.

Sicilia Panorama 30 pool house in Brisbane during sunset

Seamlessly blending into their backyard and looking right at home next to their new pool and spa, they are understandably thrilled with the result, as Trevor explains:

‘We were seeking a multi-generational accommodation option that had a contemporary feel to compliment a new pool / spa build. We considered extensions to the current house and various custom granny flat options. It was important to us that the final solution was able to be certified as a class 1 dwelling in Queensland. We settled on the Sicilia Panorama 30 from YZY due to its perfectly proportioned size for our yard and its modern skillion roof with internal exposed beams. The final design feels very contemporary and suits the concept of being a “pool house” whilst also providing an accommodation option.’

Simple modern style with eco-friendly features

All our backyard cabins and granny flats are built with mass timber, double glazed windows and quality sustainable materials which come together effortlessly to create a simple modern style that is kind to the earth.

Sicilia Panorama 30 kitchen

The use of natural materials and timber throughout create a comfortable and healthy environment that’s a joy to be in, as Trevor explains:

‘The cabin has a delightful feel and we proudly share the story of its arrival and construction with friends and visitors to our home. Everyone is impressed with the design and are astonished that it is delivered as a kit home ready for construction. We love the sustainable nature of the building materials and the double glazed windows are a nice touch for soundproofing. We are yet to test the insulation qualities in the Queensland summer, though to date the cabin has remained temperate without the need for heating or cooling despite an air conditioner being on hand.’

Streamlined process from start to finish

The Sicilia Panorama 30 is delivered as a complete kit ready for assembly, so once the foundation was prepared and ready, the cabin was built in a matter of days.

Sicilia Panorama 30 pool house

The speed and ease of the ordering and building process is a big plus, especially in these times of uncertainty, and it allowed Trevor and his family to enjoy their new cabin so much sooner.

“We did consider custom designs from YZY, though in consultation with Classic Kit Homes QLD, we settled on the standard Sicilia Panorama 30 design as they were already en route to Australia. We wanted a timely solution, and given the various delays, it made sense to purchase a kit solution that was already in transit. The design still provided us with the flexibility to choose window locations, design a bathroom and kitchenette to suit, and also extend the footings of the deck area. We chose to build with a concrete slab due to the soil type and had the foundation laid and certified within 2 weeks. We selected a local Brisbane building team to construct the cabin to lock-up stage, and that was a blessing due to their extensive experience building YZY cabins in Queensland. The cabin was built to lock-up within 10 working days of commencement. We then proceeded to paint and arrange for the internal fit-out which included an Ikea kitchenette, delivered and installed within 4 days of ordering.”

Ready to create your own backyard retreat?

If you are in need of extra space at your home, building a backyard cabin or granny flat can be a fantastic solution, as seen in this stunning project. Our mass timber homes are good for you and the planet, and the streamlined building process means you can move in sooner.

Sicilia Panorama 30 bedroom

Our team of designers and authorised builders love helping you bring your vision to life, as Trevor found with his poolside project:

“We would definitely recommend YZY Kit Homes, built by experienced team, and Classic Kit Homes QLD for a smooth process during very turbulent building and global times in 2021/22. Despite floods, wars, shipping delays, and the normal frustrations one expects with a new building project, YZY Kit Homes had the kit delivered to Brisbane on time, and builders had the cabin constructed within 6 weeks of delivery, all ably supported by Classic Kit Homes Qld. The cabin looks great and has a real pool house feel, whilst providing full accommodation as needed.”

If you’d like to discuss your ideas for your own backyard cabin, get in touch to get your project started today!