Mass Timber Custom Music Room Shines on the Gold Coast

Our mass timber cabins are sustainable and stylish – they also boast amazing acoustic and soundproofing properties too!

While we often talk about the energy efficient and eco friendly benefits of our mass timber granny flats and cabins, another aspect that our clients love is the soundproofing properties. And this was certainly the case for our clients in Oxenford on the Gold Coast, who found our custom backyard cabin the perfect choice for their music studio and pool room, which also functions as a home office, allowing for a truly flexible space.

Customised to suit

With our cabins offering complete flexibility in design, our clients were able to customise their new backyard music studio to perfectly suit their needs.

Our authorized building partner, Classic Kit Homes, embarked on a creative journey with the client to design a music studio entirely from scratch. This bespoke project was an exciting opportunity to start with a blank canvas, allowing for complete customization to meet the client’s vision. The collaboration focused on crafting a space that not only serves its functional purpose as a studio but also blends in nicely within the existing buildings on the property to form a seamless aesthetic.

outside music room Gold Coast

The end result was truly impressive. The cabin, measuring 5.5m x 11m, encompasses a generous 60 m2, providing an expansive space that easily accommodates a wide array of musical instruments.

custom music and pool room floor plan

The exposed beams and raked ceiling create a spacious look and feel, while the larger size of this custom cabin allows ample floor space for not only the musical equipment, but also for a pool table, couches and television for chilling out between jam sessions. Additionally, the cabin can also function as a home office during business hours, making it a true multipurpose space!

Soundproofing properties

As a purpose-built music studio, soundproofing properties were a must, and our custom cabin delivered.

inside music room Gold Coast

Constructed from 80mm thick mass timber walls, and boasting double glazed windows which come as standard in our kits, the home was tested inside and out, and was found to deliver a 30–40% reduction in noise. With the owner choosing to add sound blankets to the roof and sound barriers to the walls, they can relax and enjoy the sessions knowing they are not disturbing the neighbours.

Let the good times roll

With the cabin complete, all that’s left now is to add the finishing touches and enjoy!

view from music room Gold Coast

As our YZY building partner – Classic Kit Homes – explains, this unique project is one to remember.

We can’t wait for this one to be completely furnished. It is just waiting for the pool table, as the owner is re-creating an old English pub. Hence the fabulous exposed beams!

Looking to build your own backyard studio?

If you love the soundproofing properties and spacious look and feel of this cabin, and are interested in building your own backyard studio, get in touch with your local YZY builder for a friendly chat today.