Our Cyprus house wowed everyone at Canberra Home Show

What an amazing time we had at Canberra Home Show last week firstly, building the Cyprus and then showcasing it over the weekend.

Cyprus 1 bedroom granny flat was built and fully furnished just for the show by Queanbeyan based Canberra Outdoor Structures – quite a lot of effort just for a 3-day event but, oh boy, it was worth it. Cyprus was wowed by the builders and also by show visitors and everyone who saw it. Scandinavian engineered and energy efficient buildings have never failed to impress the world.

Below is 0:20s video of inside shots in Cyprus displayed at Canberra Home Show

More videos of building process Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 and finished cabin on YZY kithomes YouTube Channel, 360 photos and live videos on facebook.com/YZYkithomes

Visit Canberra Outdoor Structures in Queanbeyan, 37 Kendall Ave, call (02) 6299 6735 for your site inspection or click here for other contact information.

What did people say about Cyprus?

“I believe we got the design of Cyprus right”- said Remi Buika, the Co-founder of YZY kithomes after the successful 3 days of chatting to the Show visitors. Indeed, the reactions of people stepping inside the building then taking a walk around were more than a desirable feedback.

There are the key feedback points from the visitors, that describe the cabin.

“Couldn’t believe how big it was on the inside”
“It feels like a house, I could easily live in it”
“I like the windows”
“love the doors” – people were examining quality of internal doors.
“great size bedroom”
“love it” “isn’t it amazing!”

Granny flat Canberra home show 2016
Inside granny flat at Canberra home show 2016

Welcome inside the Cyprus cabin to look around as if you were there on our facebook.com/YZYkithomes page, look for a post with 360 degree photo

Energy efficient and affordable

“The beauty of this Scandinavian building is that it is highly insulated, soundproof and very cost efficient to construct” – said Murray Fleming, the owner of well-know local company Canberra Outdoor Structures. As a slow growing tree, spruce has a dense cell structure with trapped air pockets inside. “Solid timber walls paired with double glazed windows manufactured here in Emu Plains NSW and roof insulation will give the building R-value of 3.7 whereas most people live in homes with added R-values of 1.8. Also, Europeans have much higher standards for tolerances on windows, doors and overall buildings making them energy efficient”- says Murray.

“For some people it is quite hard to get their heads around the fact that there is no internal and external wall system like there is in traditional brick veneer homes. But I think we have a lot to learn from Europeans and should embrace what they’ve been developing and improving already for quite some time”-says Murray.

This type of construction building is prefabricated and comes flat packed straight to site. With all boards marked it takes a day to assemble it up to the roof. This obviously is a huge saving on labor costs and means people don’t have a mess on their site for long term which is very appealing. Also, it could be a DIY project for a handy man with Owner Builder permit. “A DIY kit of Cyprus cost is $45,000 including a building and roofing (color of your choice). If our team comes to install it, site prep and installation on raised sub-floor will cost you around $60,000 (subject to site inspections). I’d allow a total budget of around 90-95K for the building built, connected to all services, council fees for permits, flooring, kitchen, bathroom”- says Murray Fleming – “We do obligation free site inspections before we quote”. To book a visit, call (02) 6299 6735 or click here for other contact information.

Tim Shaw interviews Murray Fleming about costs and affordable accommodation options for aged care or young adults.

More videos of building process and finished cabin on YZY kithomes YouTube Channel, 360 photos and live videos on Facebook.com/YZYkithomes

Was this granny flat born right here in OZ?

Cyprus has quite a history of being designed here in Oz by listening to Australians describing their dream granny flats. Yes, we talked to people just like you and draw the dream cabin knowing how it had to look from outside combined with the most desirable floor plan layout. Sketches were sent to the team of designers and architects to complete the design and engineering. Then the new born model was manufactured in Europe from the best quality timber spruce sourced from FSC forests that grow in the Northern part of Scandinavia.

Granny flat cyprus design

Spruce vs pine

Many Home Show visitors thought the building was made of Pine, fast growing tree so popular and common in warm climate countries. However, “the timber species these cabins are made of is far superior timber than a pine”- explained Murray Fleming, expert in timber Industry with experience of over 40 years. “We don’t have Spruce timber here in Australia and have little or no knowledge about it. Spruce trees grow in very cold climate conditions in far North regions of Europe and saving energy produce very little limbs.  This makes timber strong, durable and easy to work with”- Murray said.

The fact that bridges and instruments are being made out of this timber says it all.