Building Granny Flat. Step 9: Installing doors and windows

After 2 to 4 layers of wall-boards are up for the rough opening, it is time to install doors and windows. As the doors and windows slide into the keyways of walls, the lower you have to lift them, the better.

Installing internal doors

Internal doors come fully installed into the frames. Again, for easier lifting, take the doors out and install the frames only. Frames will slide into the keyways. Adjust it so it is square. Leave internal doors out for now and install them back to frames at a later stage.

Important: Internal doors come with the bottom packing support. It’s just for a shipping. You have to remove it by taking all screws out.

Installing external doors and windows

Before you get too high, drop doors and window down into the grooved sides.  Then grab a ladder, get a block on top and just slightly tap it down until its fully located on the bottom.

Expert’s tip

“Align the doors and windows up the keyways and slide them down evenly. 2 men are required to easy complete this step”

Important. Make a temporary support for tall windows (as in granny flat Rhodes or Ibiza) and doors.

Installing YZY granny flats is a fairly easy and speedy process. Enjoy it, but remember to check the steel rods every few wall boards. Read all important points you have to remember when assembling the walls in Step 10. All granny flat building steps can be found on Builders Guide page.