Demand for Separate Residential Cabins Increases Sharply Following COVID-19

Sales and demand for external office studios at home have increased exceedingly over the past few months, as a direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to founder and Director of YZY Kit Homes, Lina Urbona.

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  • Surprising Sales Boom for Residential Cabins due to COVID-19 Restrictions
  • Outdoor Residential Cabins Required for Family Displaced During COVID-19 Crisis
  • External Dedicated Space Needed for Work-from-Home Solution

Ms Urbona said sales figures reflecting the months from April until July indicate a sharp increase when compared to the year before. In some areas, sales have tripled from the same time frame the previous year.

“According to anecdotal evidence from our builders, clients are keen to create a quiet place to work from home. This year, it has become common for companies to give their staff work from home options; during the lockdown, it was mandatory,” Ms Urbona said.

“However, many people then realized how difficult it was to create a quiet private space to work, make calls and take part in Zoom meetings in their house. Not only that, but they wanted to retain some separation between their family and home life, a sense of closing the door at the end of the workday and the start of their family life each evening.”

YZY Kit Homes offers a selection of several quality cabins, either studios or with one or two bedrooms. Authorized building companies in multiple areas offer complete cabling, plumbing, gas, carpets and flooring. The kitchen package includes quality kitchen fittings (e.g. cooktop, rangehood) as well as a washer/dryer.   

The building companies who work directly with customers have said the following to explain the dramatic increase in enquiries and sales:

  • Martin Chaseling, New England, NSW: “The COVID-19 work restrictions in a University city like Armidale has meant that a lot of staff are now working from home and this is not always practical because of space or home/life constraints. The solution for many of our customers is to consider the YZY Kit homes’ studio range as an economical and cost-effective means of achieving a dedicated workspace while working from home.” 
Multipurpose garden studio Skyros in Armidale
Multipurpose garden studio Skyros, Armidale
  • Murray Fleming, ACT and Southern NSW: “With 55% of Canberra’s population employed directly by Government, the majority of that workforce was working from home. This, along with the Government investment allowance, resulted in a significant rise in home office sales.   We also saw a rise in sales due to what I believe was an increase in disposable income due to travel restrictions. The speed of construction and value for money made their choice easy!”
Dining living in luxury retreat Iceland
Backyard retreat Iceland for father-in-law, Canberra
  • Carol Bartlett, Central Coast, NSW: “Contrary to what some people might think, we have seen an increase in our enquiry levels since COVID-19 began.  This is due to a number of reasons. Firstly, a large number of clients have indicated they are now working from home and are looking for a separate or private space they can use as an office or workspace. In some cases, there are now two adults working from home.  Also, we now have enquiries from people who are looking for accommodation options for their adult children returning home due to retrenchment, or inability to afford homes on a reduced income.”
Living area investment property Ibiza
Ibiza, Central Coast
  • Heather Fields, Sunshine Coast, QLD: “During the recent lockdown, with people spending more time at home, they realized they needed a separate space for their work, hobbies and keeping their family close, but not necessarily in the same house.  These cabins are providing them with the opportunity to have an area for their creative hobbies, or perhaps for their aged relatives to stay.”
Owner and builder at bedroom addition in Coolum Beach QLD
Bedroom addition in Coolum Beach, QLD

Ms Urbona said there had been a marked increase in quote submissions since the COVID-19 restrictions started in April this year. The greatest was in June, with a rise of 257.75% at the same time the year before. April showed an increase of April at 89.33%, May at 158.9% and July at 206.33% increase on the year earlier.

For as little as the price of a mid-range new car, Ms Urbona said Australians could be using the current time of COVID-19 restrictions to be planning a safer future for themselves and their loved ones.

“One positive thing that has resulted from these COVID-19 times is that we have realized the real value of our homes, and the safety it can provide. Whereas before we were interested in seeking work and fun from external, public places, now we are putting money and energy into creating spaces for our family to live and work comfortably at home,” Ms Urbona said.

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