YZY Kit Homes turns 10: Celebrating a decade of positive impact

Ten years ago, YZY Kit Homes was born! So to celebrate, we’re reflecting on key moments and a decade of positive impact.

When founders Lina and Remi arrived in Australia in 2009, they brought with them a vision: to bring top-notch European prefab construction to Australians, offering a slice of the good life in homes that are kind to our planet.

Throughout their decade-long journey, they’ve made substantial progress and are as dedicated as ever to their dream.

YZY Kit Homes celebrates 10 years anniversary

Capturing the YZY Kit Homes story so far, the timeline below shares some of the key moments and turning points for the business. It also highlights the importance of collaboration with our builder network, which has been integral to our success. Over the past 10 years, they have built hundreds of stylish and sustainable backyard cabins and granny flats, bringing joy and valuable space to homes across Australia and New Zealand.

The evolution of YZY Kit Homes


YZY [easy] Kit Homes was born, with a vision to deliver easy to build small mass timber cabins, that are easy on the client’s pocket and easy on the environment.


Our first shipment from Europe arrives and workshops for builders are organised to demonstrate the streamlined 1-day construction process.


We participated in four home shows and saw our builders create our first display village in Sydney. The quality and efficiency of our homes gained recognition, attracting more builders to our network.


The builder network grew throughout Australia and into New Zealand, with granny flats joining our range.


Our Canberra team builds the first larger prefab mass timber home, Cyprus, and showcases at the ACT home show as an innovative family dwelling.


Aligning with the IKEA Sustainability Project, our Central Coast builders constructed a pop-up restaurant beneath the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Additionally, we took part in four expos and saw the opening of our biggest display village in the ACT.


Our ACT builder achieved a milestone by completing the first home with an energy rating over 7 stars.


The factory upgrades its facilities and introduces new production lines, featuring advanced CNC machinery. This enhancement not only minimises unpacking and construction time by at least 33% but also enables precise dovetail joint production.


We marked the completion of our first community building, the Tennis Clubhouse, along with the expansion and opening of the largest display village, at the new site of our Central Coast builder.


A Narara Eco Village home, boasting over a 7-star energy rating, was designed and constructed.


Our NZ builder constructed a customised sustainable two-storey home in New Zealand.


A Landcare community centre was erected in the Sunshine Coast by our Queensland dedicated builders.

Our builder network: essential to our success

At the heart of our success is our builder network. Their in-depth understanding of their specific regions allows us to adapt our projects perfectly to local environments, which not only enhances project efficiency but also ensures sustainability and cost-effectiveness. Plus, their familiarity with local council regulations streamlines the approval process, often reducing delays and ensuring smoother project execution.

Importantly, our builders are also advocates for sustainable living, actively promoting and implementing green technologies and practices. This commitment not only strengthens our business model but also cultivates a deeper appreciation for eco-friendly living in the communities we serve.

Featured projects of the last decade

Over the past 10 years, our builders have transformed unused backyard spaces into life-changing additions, including parents’ retreats, teenage studios, hobby rooms, guest houses, home offices, pool houses, and more. Also, larger homes, community buildings, and investment properties were built across Australia and New Zealand. Check out our gallery of completed projects for design inspiration.

Looking ahead to what’s next

After a fantastic first 10 years in business where we experienced significant growth, we are looking forward to building on this success in the future.

With some amazing projects already planned for the year ahead and some exciting developments taking place behind the scenes to enhance our service delivery and expand our designs, watch this space in 2024!