Eco-friendly 2-Storey Extension Takes Family Home to the Next Level

Love your existing home but need more space? Our eco-friendly, custom-designed addition could be the ideal solution.

While YZY Kit Homes is well-known for delivering stylish and eco-friendly backyard cabins and granny flats, we also supply larger custom homes too. This project showcases a recent build that demonstrated the immense possibilities of our mass timber homes – a stunning, 2-storey addition to an existing home, that has truly taken it to the next level. Seamlessly integrated, the extension looks picture perfect, inside and out.

home extension front

Smart and stylish way to add more space

As a young family of four with two growing boys, our clients’ existing two-bedroom home was no longer meeting their needs. Living on a picturesque rural block in Waitati, in New Zealand’s South Island, they loved the location, so their preference was to extend their existing home rather than move.

home extension living room

After exploring their options they discovered a YZY custom 2-storey addition was the ideal solution.

home extension second floor

They worked closely with our designers to transform their small home into a stunning space that would grow with the needs of their family.

3-bedroom eco-friendly addition 

With a clear idea of what they wanted, our clients’ brief included the addition of three bedrooms, with a strong focus on sustainability and natural materials to minimise their environmental footprint and blend with the natural surroundings. 

home extension project rigth side view

A two-storey extension was added to the existing two-bedroom home, with 120mm thick mass timber walls providing style, character and sustainability.

The home was built on a concrete slab, and uPVC Rehau German DG windows were included in the extension and used to replace the aging windows in the existing house, increasing the energy efficiency of the entire home.

home extension second floor windows

The ground floor also includes a fireplace and under-floor heating to keep the family warm and toasty throughout the colder months.

Natural warmth of timber

A standout feature of the home is the use of timber internally and externally.

home extension side view

Outside, the painted finish contrasts well with the greenery, while inside the combination of natural finishes and painted walls adds interest and warmth throughout the space.

home extension kids room

The health benefits of timber homes are now widely known, and it’s clear that being surrounded by natural materials is good for the wellbeing of your body and mind. In addition, with timber, the design possibilities are vast, and this home demonstrates how you can create interest in the everyday, with different angles and lines, while also using a sustainable product that is good for your family and the planet.

Dream up your own custom mass timber home

home extension at night

If you are looking to add space to your existing home, whether you are considering extending or building a standalone backyard cabin or granny flat, YZY Kit Homes offer a wide range of unique, sustainable options that are sure to meet your needs. Contact your local YZY Kit Homes authorised builder and supplier to find out more and discuss your project ideas today!