Backyard bliss: Sicilia Panorama 30 in its element

Needing extra space to accommodate young daughter and visiting guests, our clients chose our stylish and sustainable Sicilia Panorama 30 cabin.

Built entirely from a renewable resource in mass timber, our Scandi-inspired designs not only look beautiful, they are also an eco-friendly choice. Add to this the streamlined construction method that allows them to be built in half the time of a conventional build, and it’s no wonder our backyard cabins are becoming the go-to choice for guest accommodation, home offices and studios around Australia.

front of YZY Kit Homes Sicilia Panorama 30

Recently, we built a stunning one-bedroom backyard cabin, the Sicilia Panorama 30, for our clients in the leafy suburb of O’Connor, in the ACT. They were looking for a replacement for a yurt, which had served as a backyard retreat for their 22-year-old daughter and guest accommodation as required. Read on to learn some highlights of the design and discover why it was the perfect choice.

Scandi style for a relaxed vibe

The beautiful Nordic Spruce mass timber walls provide a warm and welcoming look and feel that pairs beautifully with the relaxed vibe of the Scandinavian design.

inside YZY Kit Homes Sicilia Panorama 30

Panoramic windows open out to let light and air in, and allow easy access to the sheltered deck, the ideal place to enjoy a quiet moment or catch up with friends. Inside, the natural warmth of the timber walls and ceilings create a healthy space that brings the occupants a wonderful sense of calm and wellbeing, while also providing a highly efficient home that is comfortable year round with minimal requirements for heating and cooling.

Flexible floor plan to match your needs

The Sicilia Panorama 30 design has everything needed for a comfortable lifestyle, with plenty of features to be found in the compact space.

Backyard Cabin Sicilia Panorama 30 floor plan

The bedroom has ample room for a bed, bedside table and wardrobe, and the beautifully timber framed double glazed casement windows can be opened up to let in the sunlight and fresh air. The living space includes room for a kitchenette and sitting area, and the ensuite is discreetly located in the back corner for convenience.

Built fast to meet your needs

Outside, the decking adds character and style, while also extending the livable space. The Sicilia Panorama 30 can be built with sidewalls on either end of the verandah for added privacy and protection from the elements, or without, to open up the space to the natural surroundings.

Backyard cabin Sicilia Panorama 30 | Grey White

Another plus of this design is that it can generally be built to lockup in just 5–15 days, making it a faster and more sustainable way to build.

Create your own backyard retreat

If you’re considering building a backyard cabin or granny flat, and are looking for something that stands out from the crowd, and is good for the planet, our Scandinavian designs are the ideal choice.

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