YZY kit homes builder Murray Fleming at Grand Opening Display Village Canberra

8 things people learned about Scandinavian Granny Flats at Grand Opening of display Village in Canberra

What a wonderful and interesting group of people came to view Scandinavian granny flats and backyard cabins at our Grand Opening of the Canberra Outdoor Structures Display Village. Not only local residents coming from Canberra but also from as far away places as Cowra, Jindabyne and townships on the South Coast NSW.

People were genuinely interested in the Scandinavian designed and  manufactured buildings and many came with specific questions related to their needs, many of the questions around the  building process and councils requirements. More often than not there was a queue to consult with Murray Fleming, the Builder and the Owner of Canberra Outdoor Structures. “Murray ably answered all our questions with a thank you very much, now it’s just a question of which cabin!” – people gave feedback after the consultation with the builder.

“The response was fantastic, people walked through Scandinavian Buildings praising their quality and design. Many of the visitors had questions around building size and what  would suit best their site and needs. However with information they took from the event answered their questions and I believe and now people can make an informed decision” – said Murray Fleming.

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There were 8 frequently asked questions and observations we wanted to share with our readers. We hope information below will be both informative and useful.


If you have a question about your site and live in Canberra +300km, please contact Canberra Outdoor Structures.

For other areas, please find your nearest builder and/or supplier of Scandinavian cabins and granny flats.


1. Seek the advice from your local builder and use his expertise when going to council

Whether you’re looking for a fully installed building or partially DIY project, Murray will consult you equally well and help you during the process. Before deciding on a location and orientation of your future granny flat make sure there are no restrictions concerning your block or site. With over 25 years of experience, Murray is very familiar with local building regulations and will help you in dealing with Council. There are usually a few options when dealing with councils. Knowing all options is always handy before going to council.

Murray Fleming display village canberra granny flats

Murray Fleming, the Builder and the Owner of Canberra Outdoor Structures

2. Granny flats with flexible floor plans and building design

Undoubtedly we all have preferences. Some people like modern style buildings with clear lines, others are looking for a architectural character with detail in the buildings.  Also the land can dictate to us what design and floor plan would best suite the site. Normally we advise no windows on the side overlooking the neighbours and of course we would like as many large windows to the side with the view.

That’s where Scandinavian design options comes in handy. All our backyard cabins and granny flats can be installed with mirror floor plan. Photos of our Sicilia studio below illustrate that. Also, our granny flats have a few windows and an internal door included in a kit but not pre-cut in the walls.  So, you can decide on their placement and we install them to suit. Moreover, with the additions and colour schemes of the building you can add more character if you wish.

Backyard Cabin Sicilia Pool House & Gym Sydney

Sicilia built with mirror floor plan


Backyard cabin Sicilia mirror floor plan pool house gym Sydney

Pool House & Gym Sicilia built with mirror floor plan

If “A” the above changes are not sufficient and “B” you don’t need the building installed this week, then we can design a custom building to your specifications. Custom designs take approximately 15 weeks from order to delivery. There is an example of customised Cyprus granny flat built in Kambah. Clients loved the original design of Cyprus 40m² Granny Flat, but could not fit between the fence and the existing garage. So we redesigned it removing the veranda from the long wall and adding entry doors to the side. Our clients couldn’t be any happier so we can claim with confidence  we made it work!

Custom Granny flat Cyprus built in Kambah ACT
Custom Floor plan granny flat Cyprus built in Kambah

Floor plan custom Cyprus granny flat

Floor plan custom Cyprus granny flat

Another example of a modified backyard cabin is our Sicilia 20m² which we made into a one room studio called Santorini. The Santorini is built with an annex for a bathroom and is on display [and available to order] at Canberra Outdoor Structures yard.

Do you have your ideal floor plan in mind? Bring it on!


Santorini is customised Sicilia backyard cabin display in ACT

Santorini – customised Sicilia backyard cabin, display at Canberra Outdoor Structures


Santorini with annex for bathroom is customised Sicilia backyard cabin displayed in ACT

Santorini + Annex for bathroom, display at Canberra Outdoor Structures

3. Loft in a bedroom – great space for storage or sleeping

Everyone loved the idea of the loft we added to our Cyprus 40m² granny flat. It has many applications, it can be used as a storage space or could sleep 2 kids or one adult. As the building has high ceilings, adding the loft did not impact  the overall sense of space that exists in the Cyprus  design. It was roundly praised as a very smart and useful feature and it also looks good. Please take a look at the photos and  videos and judge for yourself. Note that the loft can be added to any of our granny flats.

4. Scandinavian granny flats built in 2-5 days

Everyone knows how expensive the cost of  labour is  in Australia. Luckily our ingenious Scandinavian design and excellent constructability allows us to build a 20m² studio in 2 days and 1 or 2 bedroom granny flat in one week, with only an additional short period of time for a full fit out. As a result, people get to enjoy a good quality building at affordable price in no time.

Watch time lapse videos Day 1, 2, 3, & 4 and read: How we built and furnished Scandinavian granny flat in 4 Days


5. Suitable for Bushfire Prone areas up to BAL-29

Some people wanted to build our Granny flat but weren’t sure if they would be allowed by the council. Much to their surprise, people learned that our buildings can be built and approved to BAL-29 in bushfire prone areas without any extra cladding added. Many people don’t realise that solid mass timber buildings withstand fires much better than a conventional brick veneer buildings. We will cover this topic in detail in a separate article, stay tuned!

So, if you’re dreaming about building a beautiful Scandinavian building on your bushfire prone land, don’t think it’s impossible and contact your nearest builder today.


6. Cost to build a top quality granny flat

To the surprise of many, the total cost of adding a 25m² studio cabin with the bathroom and a kitchenette could be as little as $45,000. One bedroom granny flat Cyprus with all its top quality features like high ceilings and double glazing on all doors and windows including council fees will cost you under $110,000. The total cost of 2 bedrooms granny flat completely built, submitted to council and connected to services is about $135,000.

Note. All prices are subject to site inspection and can change depending on your site specifics. When the builder inspects you site, things like access to site, slope and points of sewage and electrical are taken into account.


7. Relocatable granny flats and cabins, suitable for hard-to access sites

Some people were looking for a granny flat to be their temporary home. They would live in it for 2-5 years while they are building their main house. After their new home is complete, they would relocate the granny flat on to their holiday property or sell it off. With Scandinavian design flat-pack cabins it is possible as interlocking system allows dismantle the structure within a day. That’s how we dismantled our granny flat Cyprus displayed at the last years Canberra Home Show or our backyard cabin Sicilia displayed under the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

As for hard to access sites, these flat-pack buildings are arguably the least access demanding structures. For instance the wall-boards can be carried board by board through a standard residential hall way. So, if you can walk to your site, you can take every component with you. Transporting and building on an island or a very steep slope is not a problem.


8. Granny flats Suitable for Handy man DIY

Although we always recommend our Distributors construct your Scandinavian Cabin or Granny Flat, you can do some building work yourself. We can tailor the quote with the things you need our help with and exclude jobs you can DIY. For example, you are a carpenter and want to install the building yourself but need a help in building a foundation. Not a problem at all. Murray will custom quote you on things you require only.This way you can reduce the cost of the building and also have fun by building it yourself.


Contact or visit Canberra Outdoor Structures display Cabins and Granny Flats

Contact Murray Fleming at Canberra Outdoor Structures if you have any questions or require obligation free site inspection. You can also visit a display village and consult with the builder at the same time.

Phone: 02 6299 6735
Fax: 02 6299 6750
Email: info@canberraoutdoorstructures.com.au
WWW: www.canberrastructures.com.au

Working hours
Mon – Fri 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Sat           9:00 am – 12:00 pm

37 Kendall Avenue
Queanbeyan NSW 2620

To get driving directions, please enter your current location on a map below:

Grand Opening Display Village Canberra 2017

Grand Opening of Display Village – Scandinavian Backyard Cabins and Granny Flats in Canberra

Canberra Outdoor Structures extended and revamped the Display Village of Backyard CabinsStudios with added Granny flat Cyprus. Cyprus and other models in a Scandinavian flat-pack granny flats range were specifically developed to Australian market and building regulations. Following a successful introduction of Cyprus model at Canberra Home Show in October last year, a new fully furnished Permanent Display will open its doors soon!

Grand Opening Display Village Canberra 2017

Grand Opening Weekend will be a 2 day event taking place on Saturday and Sunday, 11-12 November 2017. Gates will open at 9am and close by 3pm at Canberra Outdoor Structures. Address is 37 Kendall Ave, Queanbeyan. (check the map bellow for driving directions).

“There is a huge demand for stay-at-home children, aged parents, cabins for rent on Airbnb or granny flats for a long-term rent in Canberra and ingenious design of Scandinavian flat-pack cabins allows us to build them quickly saving costs on labor. This way superior quality energy efficient buildings come at affordable price making my clients happy. That’s all that matters to me. – said Murray Fleming, the owner of well-know local company Canberra Outdoor Structures.”

“Display Village will showcase not only the smaller up to 25 m² timber studios we build for a home office, art studio, teenage retreat or a pool house but also a granny flat range, larger buildings. Spacial awareness is very important for our clients. So it is important for us to have as many display units as possible. This way we strive to improve our customer experience”- said Murray.

If you would like to contact Canberra Outdoor Structures before the event, have a question or would like to scheduled a site inspection, call Murray 0428 488 531

Welcome to Grand Opening Weekend of Display Village

What a great news for Canberrians and people living in surrounding areas of New South Wales who are looking for that extra space or room they need for whatever use. We have one room, 1 and 2 bedroom buildings in our standard range and can also build a 3 and 4 bedroom cottage or a loft. All are welcome to a Grand Opening Weekend on the second weekend of November to view our Display Village with the new building set up and fully furnished and freshly painted in designer selected colors. 

What’s on: Consultations and Sweet Treats

Come down to view our beautiful timber studios and granny flats on display. It is also a very good opportunity to chat with Murray Fleming about your building project you have in mind. As Murray is building in and around Canberra for over 25 years and is well conversant with local building regulations. Just ask a question and you’ll see Murray’s expertise. Take with you new ideas for your home.

To sweeten up a day, seduce your taste buds with famous gourmet Annie’s cupcakes, have an Ice cream to refresh or boost your energy with a cup of coffee.

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–  2CC radio

Date and Time of the event

Grand Opening Weekend will take place on Saturday and Sunday, 11-12 November 2017 starting from 9am and finishing by 3pm.

Address and Parking

Display Village address is 37 Kendall Ave, Queanbeyan and there will be a free street parking. To get Google driving directions, please click the map below.

If you would like to contact Canberra Outdoor Structures before the event, have a question or would like to scheduled a site inspection, call Murray 0428 488 531

Otherwise, see you there!

Backyard Cabins and Granny Flats impressed all our guests at Opening Day of Central Coast Display Village

What a successful day it was at the Grand Opening Day of our Display village on the Central Coast. Our Backyard Cabins and Granny Flats thrilled the crowd. The display includes our most popular models: granny flat Cyprus (1 bedroom, 1 bathroom), backyard cabins Sicilia 20m², Crete 12m², and Majorca 9m². Cabins have a range of applications including stay-at-home children family home, Parents retreatTeenage Retreats, Backyard Hobby Rooms, Man Cave, She ShedBackyard Home Office, B&B, Backyard Guest House, Cabanas and a Pool House or just a Room for the Kids.

The extreme heat did not deter customers from coming to view the cabins each uniquely set up and all fitted out completely with a help of professional designers and When the North Wind Blows handcrafted homewares. People were impressed  with the range and quality of materials, speed of installation and competitive pricing. All the standard models and flexible options all displayed in one place made it very easy for prospective customers to make a decision on what cabin would meet their needs. (Scroll down to read what did people say about the event and the cabins.)



What happened on the Opening Day of Display Village

“We had a very eclectic mix of Central coast residents, young families, retirees, we had people coming from Sydney, the Hunter and we even had people coming from as far as Orange and Lithgow specifically to look at the cabins and granny flats. We were blown away by the interest and the response was sensational. Our first customers came in well before our 10 o’clock opening and we had a steady stream of serious visitors all day long despite the extreme heat” – said Martin Boerner, Custom Creations.

We also had the honor of Lucy Wicks MP, Federal Member for Robertson, taking time out of her busy schedule to come to our opening day on Sunday. She liked the idea of our sustainable, high quality and low cost housing solutions and also that we have created a place where local suppliers can display their wares and over the long term create employment opportunities for local people.

Photo courtesy of Lucy Wicks: left to right Remi Buika, YZY kithomes, Martin Boerner and Shayne Price, Custom Creations, Lucy Wicks MP, Lina Urbona, YZY kithomes

“The fact that we brought together local companies that create a positive synergy for the best outcome for customers. Providing a complete bundle of products and services customised to their needs and desires.” – said Martin.

Productive and also fun Opening Day

It was a fun and a productive day for our visitors. To get the most of the time spent at the Opening Day we had experts consulting on interior and exterior design, different base options, flooring, decking, roofing choices, finance, dealing with councils and granny flat building process. (Click here to find all companies involved in the Display Village set up ). And for the fun part we had Road Stars, Mitre 10 vouchers, face painting, sausage Sizzle, fund raising for the Cancer Council. What a wonderful day it was!


What did people say about the Display Village of Cabins and Granny Flats?

“Hearing all positive comments and seeing people’s reactions when walking in and viewing all cabins, I think we got it all right” – said Shayne Price, Owner of Custom Creations. People loved the fact that they can have any standard design cabin fully completed with many flexible custom options just in 10 days. For those who wanted a floor plan or a building itself customized were pleased to know that all can be done if they can wait 14 weeks.


There are the key feedback points from the visitors, that describe the Display Village.

“I love the idea of converting unusable land in my property to a revenue generating product with a low cost point of entry and quality engineering”

“I love the fact that it’s not a standard brick and tile project home or a cheap looking cabin in my backyard, but it is a really nice thing to look at. It would make more like a feature in a backyard”

“Love all combination of European standards and local suppliers”

“Loved to see everything in real time, view and feel them in different sizes and set up, walk on the floor, look at the kitchen, bathrooms. It’s different to what you see on paper”

“Coming to the display village is the hard work virtually all done, the biggest decision is which one.”

“This all falls into category of convenience, time management and quality product at the end of it, minimal time minimal fuss”

“I liked they are all fitted out completely and you can see a finished product done and dusted, you can walk through it, you get to feel it, understand the spacial awareness of it all, lot of people get confused by what they see on paper as to what they get in real life.”

“Its like a real time version of being on a computer screen and ticking the boxes of what you want: I want this floor in that color, I want that deck and please include a kitchen as it is in Cyprus cabin; My son in law is a plumber and we’ll do all plumbing ourselves. Thanks. Done”


Contact Custom Creations if you have a question or would like to scheduled a site inspection, call 0456 640 543

Quality builder for over 12 years – Sydney, Central Coast and the Hunter (over 400 reviews on their Facebook page speak for themselves!)

Display village address is 36 Empire Bay Drive, Kincumber and there are a few free parking options around. To get Google driving directions, please see the map below.

Grand Opening Day of Largest display village of Backyard Cabins and Granny Flats

Exciting things will happen in 2017 starting with the Largest Display village of YZY backyard cabins to be built on Central Coast in February. Grand Opening Day will take place on Sunday, 12th of February 2017 at 10am in Kincumber (check the map bellow for the directions).

We’ll have 4 backyard cabins displays on site including our 1 bedroom 40m² granny flat Cyprus and backyard cabins Sicilia 20m², Crete 12m² and Majorca 9m².

Great place to get million ideas for your home. Different size and style buildings each differently fitted out and painted – come and pick everything to your liking. Enlightened Design Studio from Avoca Beach helped with paint colour schemes for every cabin – which is your favorite?  Feel 4 different deck options from Mitre 10 Kincumber, flooring installed by local Gosford company Flooring extra, kitchens custom made by Kenross kitchens from Erina. Thinking off the grid? Check out off grid solar power with solar battery back up from Harvey Norman Somersby – genuine sustainable feel. Meet Nicole Jones, the owner of beautiful When the North Wind Blows Homewares and accessories from Avoca Beach. The talented creative did the interior design to all the cabins – get inspired by the stories of every piece.

Backyard cabins and granny flats interior design

 Welcome to Grand Opening Day of display village


Grand opening day backyard cabins granny flats display village

Proudly our distributor Custom Creations, a local building company well-known for their outstanding customer service and quality workmanship (over 400 reviews of their Facebook page speak for themselves!) is further investing into even better customer experience – building a display village on their new site on Central Coast, Kincumber. The Display village will open its doors in a convenient location for Central Coast residents to visit and view different model options of backyard cabins and granny flats. It will be a one-stop-shop experience with plenty of free parking options and close to other home improvement stores.

“What we are trying to achieve is to bring together a group of local suppliers, local employees to offer to Central Coast, Sydney and the Hunter an opportunity to buy a product that is fully completed at a cost effective price made out of a sustainable products. Also give the confidence that the suppliers have a vested interest in delivery of quality services and products because they are all local people, small business, local employers” – said Martin Boerner, co-owner of Custom Creations.

Custom Creations are installing YZY backyard cabins in Sydney, Central Coast and the Hunter Region. And so, if you are looking to improve your home and lifestyle or want to build an income generating asset in your backyard, welcome to see it first!

So, come and enjoy a sausage sizzle and kids can have their face painted whilst you view our amazing cabins! Backyard cabins and granny flats we build are mostly used for a home office, teenage or parents retreat, rental accommodation, holiday property accommodation, she shed, man cave, art studio, pool house… you name it!

What’s on: consultations with local professionals, entertainment, giveaways and more

– Snow Cone truck
– Coffee Truck
– Sausage Sizzle
– Face Painting

Face painting during backyard cabins display opening day

Prizes and giveaways

– Mitre 10 vouchers – home improvements store
– When the wind blows vouchers – handmade homewares and accessories

Onsite consultations

– Backyard cabin and Granny flat building process
– Off the grid solar systems
– Interior design consultation with Nicole Jones
– Financial services company — here on site talk about finance for the larger cabins


– local newspaper
– radio 104.5FM

Listen what Rabbit and Julie say about Grand Opening Day

Date and Time of the event

Grand Opening Day will take place on Sunday, 12th of February 2017 starting from 10am and will finish by 4pm.

Address and Parking

Display Village address is 36 Empire Bay Drive, Kincumber and there will be a few free parking options around. To get Google driving directions, please see the map below.

Who can attend?

All are welcome… Home owners, Financial advisers, Investors, Property developers, Mums & Dads!

See you there!

If you would like to contact Custom Creations before the event, have a question or would like to scheduled a site inspection, call 0456 640 543