Skyros 19 backyard spa retreat front view

Skyros 19: Backyard Spa Retreat

There are many different ways our backyard cabins can be enjoyed, from home gyms to home offices. While we love seeing our cabins used for any and all of these purposes, there’s something extra nice about a backyard cabin that’s built purely for leisure – just like this gorgeous little spa retreat.

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Backyard cabin Sicilia 30m² 1 bedroom floor plan

New model: Sicilia studio in 30m² 1 bedroom size

Modern and elegant, YZY Kit Homes’ popular Sicilia backyard cabins are now available in a larger, 30m² (8m x 3.8m) one-bedroom size. The original Sicilia, which measures 20m² (5.2m x 3.7m), is a versatile backyard cabin that can be used for everything from a backyard retreat, a gym or a home office to a teenager’s hideaway, an extra bedroom or a spacious children’s playhouse.

As one-bedrooms, Sicilia 30m² timber studios can provide suite accommodations for out-of-town guests or even serve as granny cottage. With the addition of a covered veranda, the studio Sicilia 20m² and one-bedroom Sicilia 30m² designs can be further extended to create more space for entertaining.

Backyard cabin Sicilia 30m² 1 bedroom floor plan
Backyard cabin Sicilia 30m² 1 bedroom floor plan

Sicilia backyard cabins feature double glazing on windows and doors. They’re constructed of superior-grade solid timber walls, structural tie down systems – 8 [for smaller] and 13 [for larger] steel rods in all corners and tongue-and-groove roof boards. Constructed on a prepared level base, Sicilia timber studios can be completed in two days.

Both Scilia 20m² and 30m² designs feature double French doors, double-glazed timber doors and windows with weather strips. Flexible options including paint allow you to customize your design to make it truly unique and one-of-a-kind. You can add custom color, shape and size veranda and decking, timber handrail and external steps, timber, laminate or carpeted floors, include bathroom and kitchen fit-outs and even opt for additional windows. All options are sourced locally and can be ordered with our Authorized supplier, your local builder. The builder will happily customize the options to suit your taste and budget.

YZY Kit Homes is a Scandinavian manufacturer of superior-grade, high-quality backyard cabins, granny flats and timber studios. All cabins are constructed by our authorized and reputable Aussie builders in compliance with local building regulations to quickly give you more living, working and storage space right in your own backyard without the bother of constructing a home addition.

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Celebrity Timber Studio Sicilia Christmas sale

Celebrity studio Sicilia for Christmas $1,500 Off

Who does not like Christmas deals and offers? For this year, we have a factory offer of $1,500 off our beautiful timber studio Sicilia 20m². Offer is valid for orders placed this year, until stocks last. This year our backyard cabin Sicilia took part in a few amazing projects with one being built just under the Harbour Bridge. This is arguably the most iconic place in Australia and so now we call her our celebrity studio Sicilia.

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