View from veranda to bedroom addition in Coolum Beach QLD

Simple and affordable bedroom addition, Coolum Beach QLD

Owner Builder Neil was looking to add another bedroom to his house in Coolum beach. But there was already an existing decking area built where another room was most likely to go. So, he decided to build a cabin so that it shares the same deck creating a flow-on effect. And now it looks absolutely stunning flowing nicely from the main house through the spacious veranda. Who could tell it was a recent addition? It definitely looks like that was in the original plans of the house.

View from veranda to bedroom addition in Coolum Beach QLD
View from the veranda to the bedroom addition
Bedroom addition in Coolum Beach QLD
Floor plan main house connected with deck to bedroom addition in Coolum Beach QLD
Floor plan: main house connected with deck to bedroom addition

Searching the Internet, Neil found exactly what he was looking for – a simple to build beach style cabin. After the meeting with the local representative of YZY kit homes Adrian Fields, Neil was confident Corsica size and style was perfect for his home improvement project.

Owner and builder at bedroom addition in Coolum Beach QLD
Homeowner and builder Adrian Fields, Coolum Beach QLD

Neil chose one room Corsica cabin and transformed it into the en-suite bedroom. “Construction of the cabin was very easy” – said the owner of the cabin. Neil had some assistance of a carpenter and had no problems to set it up. “If he needed any advice, Adrian was always there to give us some good backup”- said Neil. “If you follow the instructions carefully, there is absolutely no difficulty to set it up.“

Floor plan bedroom addition Coolum Beach
Floor plan

Colours for a flow effect

For the flow effect, builder owner sealed Corsica exterior with Merbau natural water-based stain. As for the interior, he used a natural clear water-based stain to make the cabin natural, cozy and light.

“I am very happy with the completed cabin and have had lots of good comments from my friends and family”- said Neil. “I recommend YZY Kit Homes for people looking for a simple and affordable cabin or granny flat addition. And I would also like to thank Adrian for all his help and advice during and after the construction.”

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Display Village is set up as a convenient one-stop-shop for people wanting to spend minimum time and have no fuss in the process of building a family home, a teenage studio, a granny flat or B&B. You’ll find 3 cabin models and one granny flat built and fully furnished using different materials and colour schemes to show different options available.

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Projects built in 2019

Projects Built In 2019

The year 2019 was a prolific one, it saw the construction of new Scandinavian cabins, granny flats and houses spread across Australia. YZY Kit Homes were used in varying ways. The larger units were utilized as homes, independent living spaces specially designed for teenagers, guest houses or bed and breakfasts. The smaller studio-type cabins were utilized as art studios, home offices, music rooms, pool houses and sheds.

Space is the primary driving force for the initiation of construction. Then the client gets in contact with a builder to develop potential ideas. Simultaneously, the builder focuses on the options and restrictions associated with the site. Following a few rounds of discussion, working in unison the best possible outcome is achieved. The results speak for themselves. Here are some of the cabins which came up in 2019.

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band playing in music studio

Soundproof Music studio in Armidale

This soundproof music room was recently built in Armidale for an ex-musician Brian ‘Lanky’ Moore. Brian is a drummer and a vocalist, ex-band member of “Constable, Green and Moore”, “Kelsey”, “Shane” and “The Chooks”. Reaching retirement, Brian Moore decided to fulfil a lifetime dream and build a music studio.

Band playing in the music studio
Band playing in the music studio

Initially, Brian was looking to build an extension to his existing house. “Early quotes on a house extension to do this were prohibitive and I conceded it would never happen”- said Brian.

Music studio from outside in Armidale
Music studio from outside in Armidale

One lucky day, driving past a display cabin in Armidale, Brian spotted the Corsica exhibition studio. And then his dream suddenly was reignited.

Music room floor plan
Music room floor plan

“From quote to completion the process was seamless and professional, reasonably priced (about half original quote) and with no DA required, erected within a week!”- said Brian.

“We were guided and advised by Martin and his crew, and I now have my dream studio, and soundproofed, much to our neighbours’ delight” – Brian Moore.

Soundproofing Brian’s music studio

“Brian’s Corsica studio project was designed around its use as a music room in a suburban setting. Our aim was to achieve a level of soundproofing so that high volume music could be played without attracting complaints from close neighbours.” – said Martin Chaseling, the project manager.

To achieve this, the studio was set very low to the ground to minimise sound transmission through the floor. In addition, builders had to use high-density batts in both the floor and ceiling cavities. “The batts used are similar to normal thermal batts but are of a far higher density” – explains Martin.

Music studio owner Brian chose a good quality carpet with soundproofing underfelt as well as heavyweight curtains. Both of these factors also assist in reducing external sound transmission.

“All of the design features of his Corsica music room contribute to allowing Brian and his mates for a full expression of their music without upsetting the neighbours. Mission accomplished!” – said Martin.

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Tax deductions Small business $20,000

TAX time! Deduct backyard cabin costing less than $20,000

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