5 thing to look while comparing backyard cabins

5 things to look for when choosing Scandinavian backyard cabin

The popularity and recognition of Scandinavian backyard cabins, commonly known as log cabins in Australia are quite impressive. Log cabins have an ancient history in Europe with the first log structures thought to be built in Northern Europe by the Bronze Age (about 3500 BC). Nowadays they are popular all over around the World for their speed of installation and ease of relocation.

Log cabins were introduced to Australia only recently, most likely due to remoteness of the continent and the policy of protecting economy liberating only after 1973. Australian consumers now get to enjoy new and innovative products the World has been enjoyed for centuries. However, not so good products are flooding a new Australian market as well. This article will help to identify the points of difference to look for when comparing log cabins available in Australia.

What to look for when comparing log cabins from different factories?

There are quite a few different manufacturers in Europe, China and even New Zealand offering their backyard cabin kits. From first sight, cabins imported from overseas might appear all very similar. However, some sneaky hidden and also visible features will make a huge difference in the structural integrity, energy efficiency and the longevity of your cabin.

So, there are five major things to look for when comparing backyard cabins from different suppliers/manufacturers. Visit of a display to inspect the product is always a good idea before purchase. Continue reading 5 things to look for when choosing Scandinavian backyard cabin