Skyros 19: Backyard Spa Retreat

There are many different ways our backyard cabins can be enjoyed, from home gyms to home offices. While we love seeing our cabins used for any and all of these purposes, there’s something extra nice about a backyard cabin that’s built purely for leisure – just like this gorgeous little backyard spa retreat.

Skyros 19 backyard spa retreat front view

When our clients were looking for a modern cabin to complement their spa and complete their outdoor entertaining area, the stylish Skyros 19 design was the ideal fit. The end result really looks the part, with visually appealing contrasting colours and lots of natural light inside, creating a relaxed and ambient vibe, perfect for weekends in the sun.

Skyros 19 backyard spa retreat side view

The decking is a practical and attractive addition. Easy to maintain, it provides a safe and stable base for the spa – not to mention a great place to set up a few deck chairs and a barbeque!

Inside, the cabin is spacious enough to house a couch, dining table, bar and fridge, plus other thoughtful additions to make entertaining friends and family a joy and a breeze.

Inside Skyros 19 backyard spa retreat

Not only is the cabin energy efficient thanks to the double-glazed timber windows and doors, but with walls that are constructed entirely from timber, it’s also an eco-friendly choice. Building your mass-timber backyard spa retreat you will remove carbon from the atmosphere rather than create it.

Because the cabin has a floor plan of less than 20m² it was able to be built without council permission in NSW – which meant this fabulous new space was constructed and ready to be enjoyed sooner.

Skyros 19 backyard spa retreat floor plan

Understandably our clients love their new space and are now in the process of adding all the finishing touches to make it truly spectacular. We’re sure there is much fun and many good times ahead!

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