Rural Retreat for Airbnb near Port Macquarie

Our most popular timber studio Sicilia was recently built by Port Cabins for Airbnb letting in Telegraph Point, near Port Macquarie.

Built near the main house on a generous acreage it is the first cabin of many to be built later down the track. The land with freely roaming cattle offers bush walking, sprawling hillside views and distant views to the Port Macquarie and on a clear day you can almost see the Ocean. Only 20 minutes to Port Macquarie self contained cabins in tranquil rural setting will be ideal for those just wanting to escape the city life.

Backyard Cabin Rural Retreat Airbnb Port Macquarie

Sicilia cabin – the first cabin of many to be built later down the track.

We asked Ian Crowe, the builder of the cabin about the feedback he received.

“Many customers come through to inspect the cabin. And their reactions are overwhelmingly positive” – said Ian.

There is what people said about the cabin.

“Many people were shocked at first to discover how big and open the cabin is inside despite its smaller looking exterior. The inside of the cabin has also received a positive response. Many were stating they like the layout and are impressed by the size and interior exposed beams.”

“People often comment on the wide range of options available and the different uses for the backyard cabins and granny flats including Airbnb, parents retreat and many other options.”


Backyard Cabin Rural Retreat Airbnb Port Macquarie left

Timber studio built as a Rural Retreat for those just wanting to escape the city life.

Well-chosen Paint Colors for the cabin

With thousands of paint colors available, it can be a daunting task to choose the right one. The most popular color scheme for the cabins is any pastel or darker tone on walls and white window architraves. And these colors look always great and classy. But this time owners made the cabin look different and it looks fantastic!

We asked Leanne, the owner of the cabin how did she come up with this sophisticated and stylish color scheme.

“I like light colors as they bring light, make things look more spacious and modern. So, we decided light colors will dominate and painted the inside antique white and outside walls shale grey. Bright and darker tones can stand out or blend with the surroundings. So we decided to go bold with darker accent color on window surrounds and the roof. We painted outside window architraves deep grey/charcoal called monument to match the color of the colorbond roof.”

“We’re thrilled with the end result and the cabin looks gorgeous” – said Leanne, the owner of the cabin.

Undoubtedly, this Studio looks great silently enjoying the peaceful spot in a small village on the North Coast of New South Wales.

Backyard Cabin Rural Retreat Airbnb Port Macquarie right

En-suite Scandinavian cabin built for Airbnb letting.


Backyard Cabin Rural Retreat Airbnb Port Macquarie front

Self-contained cabin in tranquil rural setting surrounded by greenery.

If you live in Port Macquarie +200km and need extra room for your family, guests or looking to build an asset generating steady income, welcome to inspect this recently completed cabin. You may find it is much easier to realize your plans than you think. Just give Ian a call on 04 3881 0292 for the address and time he is on site.

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Only 3 months to go. If you want to build and claim your Home Office, check if you can claim 20K off your Cabin.