Recognition of experienced and reputable builders

With a clear vision of creating a professional network of reputable and experienced outdoor structure builders, YZY has partnered up with 8 in NSW and ACT. YZY backyard cabanas, sheds, cabins and studios are now available in Sydney, Central Coast, Mid North Coast, Southern Coast and Canberra areas where customers can talk to the timber professionals and builders before making a decision on the best option for their garden structure let it be an art studio, home office, teenage or in-laws retreat.

Building Sicilia backyard cabin
Building Sicilia backyard cabin

Remi Buika, the co-owner of YZY, had approached a number of businesses and only a handful shared the same values providing quality services in building outdoor structures. “Quality builders appreciated the concept, design and quality and short assembly time of our kits; treated timber was probably the most important factor for the professionals when choosing to work with us” – Mr. Remi said.

For the convenience, Sicilia 20m² and Corsica 20m² can be built as an exempt development as well as a habitable studio or a granny flat. Some clients choose to build it as shed, cubby house or cabana with the possibility to convert it to a habitable studio later down the track.

“We’re determined to make it as easy as possible for people to do business with us. More professionals to join our network and new designs are coming up,” Remi opened up cheerfully.