Price change notice

Current prices of YZY Kit Homes will last until 15 April 2021 for granny flats range and until 31 May for backyard cabins range and will have to increase from 16 April and 1 June respectively across Trade Price lists. The expected price increase is 5% to be confirmed with the release of the new pricelists prior to a price change.

Whilst cost pressures for both raw materials and shipping (shipping container shortage, new international fees and port charges) continue to impact over the last year, YZY Kit Homes have both absorbed costs and improved efficiencies in order to minimise additional cost pressures on our Authorised dealers/Accredited builders in a tough trading environment during COVID-19. We are now unfortunately forced to pass on a share of increased costs.

Impact on standard cabins

  • For orders placed before 31 May 2021, current prices apply.
  • For orders placed after 1 June 2021, a new price list will apply.

Impact on granny flats

  • For orders placed before 15 April 2021, current prices apply.
  • For orders placed after 16 April 2021, a new price list will apply.

Please be assured YZY Kit Homes have made every effort to keep the increase to a minimum. As usual, YZY Kit Homes will be providing superior quality products and we greatly appreciate your continued support through this time of change.

Please contact your nearest builder for a new price list or information on how this will affect your current building project.

More information on the cost increase factors:
Google search has ample articles about timber prices skyrocket.
– Shipping container shortage is quite well explained in the video below