Oliver’s Madeira Project: Multi-Generational Living at its Best

For empty nesters looking to downsize our granny flats are a fantastic solution – as it was for Oliver and his mum.

With the daily chores and upkeep of her existing home starting to become difficult to manage, Oliver began looking at alternative living options for his mum. They fell in love with our energy efficient granny flats, and decided to build the one-bedroom Madeira in the backyard of the existing family home.

Custom Madeira 1B outdoor area
Madeira 1 bedroom built for Oliver’s Mum
Custom Madeira 1B living room

While it’s more common for children with older parents to build a granny flat in their own backyard and then sell the original family home, for Oliver and his mum, it made more sense to do things a little differently.

Custom Madeira 1B construction subfloor

With the family home situated in an ideal location, close to friends and with everything needed within easy reach, it made sense to hold on to the property. With the existing home in need of some upgrades and renovations, they decided Oliver would move into the original house, working through renovations to bring it back to its best, and they would build a modern, energy efficient and healthy to live in granny flat in the backyard so his mum would be comfortable and happy in a space that was better suited to her stage of life.

The one-bedroom Madeira design was customised slightly to allow for a decking space that is connected to the main house, providing the ideal place for a shared meal or afternoon cuppa. Our Scandinavian building system meant the granny flat was built faster than a conventional build, and with minimal disruption to the backyard.

Both Oliver and his mum could not be happier with their new living arrangement. Not only does Oliver have a spacious home and a DIY project to sink his teeth into, he is also close to his mum and ready to offer help and support where needed, allowing her to live independently in her granny flat for many years to come.

Custom Madeira 1B veranda
Madeira - 1 bedroom floor plan
To find more details about the Madeira, click here.

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