New Range: 2 bedroom Granny Flats

At YZY Kit Homes, we’re excited to announce the launch of our new range of two-bedroom granny flats. These larger dwellings have a living area less than 60m² which conforms to council requirements for a 2nd dwelling and can serve as secondary or even primary homes. We’re offering six different one-of-a-kind designs ranging from ultra-modern to traditional. Each design can be modified and customized to reflect your unique tastes and preferences. You can even create your own one-of-a-kind design, and we’ll produce it for you.

All floor plans include a large communal living space, two private bedrooms and a bath. Open floor plans and large picture windows create a feeling of spaciousness. These homes feel even larger than they already are. Most designs come with a roomy porch or a large, covered veranda that can extend the floor plan and maximize living and entertaining areas. Verandas and porches can be customized and sized to add eye-catching characteristics and additional living space.

Our new 2 bedroom granny flats

  • Ibiza – 72m² linear style granny flat which combines modern style with natural aesthetics. Even with steel cladding Ibiza looks warm and inviting with the natural timber details: decking area, timber architraves and fascia.
  • Rhodes – a country classic English cottage style 78m² building with a high-pitched ceilings and trendy exposed beams that make a building extremely airy and spacious.
  • Iceland – incredibly well laid out contemporary 80m² granny flat with high-pitched ceilings and exposed beams that create a large breathable space.
  • Madeira (1 bedroom) – designed to modern style and functional granny flat in total size 90m² is suited for larger properties as a secondary dwelling, or a holiday accommodation for family or business.
  • Madeira (2 bedroom) – it also 90m² granny flat but it large a 60m² indoor living space.
  • Capri – a classic granny flat 71m² in its idyllic style is perfect for those wishing to have more of a traditional style living.

Versatile-Use Living Spaces

Two-bedroom granny flats offer everything you would get with a traditional home at a fraction of the cost. Besides serving as homes year-round or used as secondary residences, they can be rented out as vacation properties or placed on the market as year-round rentals. If you have parents or in-laws who need a place to live near you, one of our two-bedroom flats can give them everything they’ve ever wanted at an affordable price.

Why YZY Kit Homes?

YZY Kit Homes are energy-efficient. That makes them a smart choice because energy prices are slated to rise dramatically over the next 20 years. Laminated solid timber walls and high-efficiency German windows and doors make for highly-insulated, draft-free living. These structures store heat by day and release it gradually by night, so they’re ideal in regions where temperatures vary greatly throughout the day.

High-performance German windows and doors are specially made for extreme UV environments. Double-glazed windows open inward and are difficult to break into. These windows and doors protect against the elements. They keep heat outside by day and can reduce air conditioning costs substantially.

YZY kit homes can be assembled and professionally installed by our experienced local builders in three to five days. They are easily transportable to hard-to-reach sites and have a demountable structure for relocation.

You can read more about all the benefits and features of Scandinavian granny flats.

Loving our New range?

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