New Office for Guyra Milling

Corsica cabin has been recently built to locally owned and operated Guyra Milling as their new Office. Guyra Milling is a stock-feed company based in the New England town of Guyra near Armidale. They are a very busy mill all the year round especially at the moment producing high quality cattle feed along with other animal feeds such as poultry. The prolonged drought and high demand for supplementary feed for cattle means the plant is working at near full capacity.

Backyard Cabin New England Guyra Milling Office outside
New Guyra Milling office in New England

“Their new mill office looks right at home among the silos and elevators. The Corsica model of YZY Kit Homes cabins range is one of our most versatile and popular cabins” – said Project Manager and installer Martin Chaseling at New England Building Recyclers.

Our authorised supplier and builder New England Building Recyclers was commissioned to build their new office to handle incoming grain deliveries and outgoing sales of finished product . It is now completed with fitted out with NBN, internal phone lines, computer monitoring of the mill and air conditioning. The additional two windows that you can see were built by us using spare timber in the YZY kit to match supplied windows – they are fixed and mainly designed to allow better visibility in and around the plant. Very large trucks are coming in and out of the weighbridge area of the plant adjacent to the new office.

“Such a great job. Can’t wait to get some work done inside this little beauty” – commented Guyra Milling on New England Recyclers FB post.

Backyard Cabin New England Guyra Milling Office beginning
Backyard Cabin New England Guyra Milling Office building
In progress
Backyard Cabin New England Guyra Milling inside office
Inside office
Inside Guyra Milling office
Inside office