How to build Granny Flat in 4 days

For the recent Canberra Home Show we built our Cyprus just in 4 days. Every day was documented – filmed and photographed. And now we can show what is the process of building a granny flat to all our followers and readers. We hope you will find it handy for you to see what would it be like the process on your site while we manage all the building project. Also, for anyone thinking of building a granny flat or holiday accommodation themselves, this will help to understand the process.

Day 1 – Sub-floor installation and the granny flat assembly up to the roof rafters

Building a granny flat of that size ideally will require 4 men for the first day. 2 people can do the base and another half of the team can start unpacking the pallets and place every part of the building conveniently close the place where it will have to go. There are easy-to-follow drawings and plans supplied and you will just have to check the number on any given part and match it to the plan to find out where it will go on during assembling process.

Foundation is the most important part of a building. Any type of base you choose (concrete slab, paved base, sub-floor on timber or steel stumps, decking, sleepers or breeze blocks), it has to be solid, perfect square and level with all 90 degree angle corners. This part requires concentration, attention to detail and cannot be made in haste. It usually takes half a day for the size of Cyprus to properly do the sub-floor base  including yellow tongue flooring to be screwed on the top of it. When this part is completed, the first layer of wall-boards gets screwed down to the base. That is another point where you have to make sure you have all 90 degree angles in all corners, take time to get it right. Past this point – probably the most exciting and fun part of the building process begins. Wall-boards interlock in the corners and the building goes up quite quickly. The first day in building a granny flat is probably the most rewarding day as it can be seen as a very significant progress.

Day 2 – Roofing, doors and windows installation

On the second day, roofing goes on starting with the lining boards being screwed to the roof rafters. Then timber battens will have to be screwed to the rafters on top of the roof boards, insulation sheets laid and corrugated iron roof such as Colorbond on the top. Roof installation will require 2 men to comfortably do the job. Other 2 men can do external door and windows installation. This part of the job requires accuracy and concentration, making sure the windows are plum and level.

Day 3 – Final touches in building process

On Day 3 is all about the details that do not seem like it will take much of a time to complete. But be sure as it always does. In the end of the day it does not look like much happened on the day, but actually lots of small and important things were done.

We did install the architraves around the front door and all windows, mounted the mosquito nets on. Also, screwed fascias to the roof to cover all the cavities required for insulation. Then, for the veranda, we installed poles and did a small deck at the front just for the show. Deck can be a time consuming task to complete as it has to be properly leveled. We also cleaned inside of the cabin to be ready for interior design on Day 4.

Day 4 – Interior Design – a face-lift for a Granny flat

This is the day when the building turns into the home: cosy, beautiful and inviting to live in. First thing in the morning flooring guys from Choices Flooring Fyshwick came in. They installed luxury vinyl flooring featuring timber design for the living room and bedroom. For the bathroom went the same vinyl flooring but in stone design. During the show, the flooring was noticed by many visitors as a very good alternative to real timber or tiles. When the flooring was completed, guys from Infinity Kitchens arrived with already designed and pre-cut kitchen and installed it beautifully. Close to the end of the day, the team The Property Stylists Canberra arrived with the trucks full of beautiful furniture and decorative pieces to make the building shine for the show. What an amazing day it was witnessing how the building site becomes a home, just like an ugly duckling turns into a swan.

Companies who were involved in the building Granny Flat for the show

Granny Flat Builder

Building Project manager, Exhibitor and Authorized Distributor of YZY kithomes in Canberra Canberra Outdoor Structures

Contractors within the Granny Flat

  • External Doors and windows custom made by PlusTec
  • Kitchen was custom designed, made and installed by Infinity Kitchens
  • Vinyl Flooring was supplied and installed by Choices Flooring Fyshwick
  • Interior design concept and staging executed by The Property Stylists Canberra
  • In the bathroom toilet and vanity was supplied by “Renovators Discount Depot”
  • Outdoor Furniture supplied by The Outdoor Furniture Specialists

What has not been done for the home show display

This granny flat was built for the 3-day Home Show and the following work has not been done as it should be in a real-life building scenario. We have not concreted the footings into the ground. Also, we have not connected the building to any services like electricity, plumbing or gas. Digging trenches for electrical and plumbing will be involved in the real building project usually before the building erection. Also, for waterproofing the bathroom, fiber cement compressed sheets will have to be installed in the flooring of bathroom area [we did yellow tongue flooring instead]. In case you have a question in mind on how to connect electrical wires, there are channels for electricity electrical wiring pre-drilled in the walls of the building. You just have to choose the places of your power points and light switches.

We also did not install gutters and down pipes and did not paint or stained the building.